All the secrets of conducting rounds and shooting in Rainbow Six Siege

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2024 - 10:20

R6 is a project from Ubisoft that offers a new concept for an e-sports shooter that uses the mechanics of confrontation between terrorists and special forces in an area with a high degree of destructibility and tactical techniques.

The attackers here are the special forces, who must enter the territory and destroy the terrorists and defuse the bomb, or remove the hostages.

Terrorists, on the contrary, will play on the defensive - their task will be to set up barricades and prevent special forces from disrupting their plans.

Each match will take place up to 15 rounds, where the team that manages to get 8 wins will win.

If you regularly win matches and collect good statistics from kills and assists, then you will move faster through the ranking system and find yourself against stronger allies and opponents.

If you have good statistics, then you will not lose your rank, at least for some time, so try to play well and shoot accurately, and then your progress will go.

If you are unable to advance further in rank due to constant losses and poor play by teammates, then you can follow the link - and order a full rank upgrade for your account.

You will provide your account to a professional Skycoach player, and he will begin to upgrade your rank.

The service will provide all the necessary guarantees of financial safety and anonymity and does not transfer your data to third parties, but carries it out with the help of professional players.

The account is needed in order to remove the factor of client intervention from the process and the potential delay in order fulfillment, for which the Skycoach service is personally responsible.

This is due to the fact that the player would have to play many matches independently, as part of a group, which is tiring and time-consuming, and if the client is AFK, or experiences problems with the Internet or electricity, the process will be delayed.

By transferring your account, you can fully go about your business and wait until you receive a notification that the task is completed, and you can log into your account and check the result.

Do not forget to change your password, since all guarantees from the service apply only at the stage of order acceptance and execution, as well as checking the result and confirmation.


Accuracy plays a significant role in all shooters, including those implemented with an eSports twist.

There are only three types of combat:

  • Single fire
  • Firing in bursts, or three rounds each
  • Automatic fire, or spray

Single fire

This is a type of shooting with one cartridge, which is also often called a one-shot. It requires special skill and the ability to shoot at an enemy who is standing in one place or moving.

To learn how to shoot like this, you need to practice a lot and pull the trigger calmly.

This is not the most important skill and is used by more experienced shooters and players who have enough time to stop and take aim before firing.

You can train like this - you move your sight to the side and sharply shift it to the enemy, spending only one cartridge, regardless of the hit or miss.

This approach will help increase your percentage of hits and headshots, which will have a positive effect on your boosting in Rainbow Six Siege.

The more you practice, the better you will perform during R6 matches.

If the battle takes place at long distances, then this type of shooting is effective, but if the distance is reduced, then it is dangerous to continue trying to kill the enemy with only one bullet, and you need to switch to burst fire, or automatic fire.

Firing in bursts, or three rounds each

This type of shooting is used by many players who have already learned to calmly control their shooting and pay more attention to it than for automatic shooting, which does not require special skills, but consumes too much ammo, which makes boosting the rank in R6 much more difficult.

This type of shooting does not require aiming at the head, because in this case most of the bullets will fly past the enemy, which is ineffective in Rainbow Six Siege.

You need to aim at the chest, or torso, then three bullets that fly at different heights will have a chance to hit the enemy, and if there are two or three hits, then the enemy will most likely die. Even one bullet can injure or kill your enemy.

Automatic fire

This is the most chaotic type of shooting, which consumes a huge amount of ammunition, and only with a high level of play can it be used to its advantage.

You need to understand the principle of bullet flight and lower your weapon and sight so that they fly towards your enemies.

In this method, you can fire at enemies who are behind cover that can be penetrated - for example, a tree.

Construction and assault of shelters

As you know, many objects in R6 can be destroyed, or at least damaged so that you can walk through them.

Accordingly, the task of the special forces will be to enter the building from obvious places, or to break through entrances to non-obvious places in order to take the terrorists by surprise and destroy them.

Keep in mind that the entrances can be mined, and some parts of the building can be fortified with the help of agent mechanics, and you won’t be able to break through them just like that.

With the help of the knockout skills of special forces agents, you can destroy such obstacles, but remember that any delays indicate your plans to the enemy and allow the enemies to gain time to gather for defense, which will complicate your assault.

You can burst from the roof and walls and surround the enemy in this room, and the terrorists must understand the possibility of such scenarios and position their defenses correctly - protecting key points and objects that play an important strategic role. For example, rooms with bombs, or hostages.

Both teams need to be flexible in order to be able to surprise the enemy and win as many rounds as possible, which will be good for boosting in Rainbow Six Siege.

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