Is the Citroen Berlingo the Cheapest Brand New Van in the UK Today?

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - 21:02

We're big fans of the Citroen Berlingo Van, renowned as one of the top small vans on the market, known for its unique presence among many commercial vehicles with shared platforms and characteristics. Together with its Stellantis counterparts—the Fiat Doblò Cargo, Peugeot Partner, Vauxhall Combo Cargo, and Toyota ProAce City—the Berlingo is especially notable for various reasons. This remarkable little van is frequently one of the most economically viable options to lease, and when we have them available, they tend to sell out quickly.

Which Van is Cheapest to Run?

When exploring the most economical vans to operate, the Citroen Berlingo frequently tops the list due to its impressive exceptional fuel economy, which spans across its diesel and petrol models, the Berlingo ensures that operational expenses remain low without sacrificing performance. Its robust design and dependable nature further contribute to its appeal, offering businesses a practical solution that doesn't compromise on reliability. 

The Berlingo's competitive edge is also evident in its maintenance costs, which are among the most reasonable in its class. This combination of fuel efficiency, low maintenance, and reliability makes the Citroen Berlingo an unbeatable option for businesses looking to optimise their operational costs while benefiting from a high-performing vehicle.

Which Brand New Van Has the Best Resale Value?

These vans need to be dependable and reliable and choosing the right model is, therefore, a big decision for any business owner. Not only do you want something sturdy, reliable and long-lasting, but if you decide to change vehicles down the line, you’ll want to know which van is likely to hold its value.

It’s no surprise that best selling vans are also those that tend to hold their value better than the average. Several of the major car companies manufacture commercial vans in what is a highly active market segment. 

When considering smaller models, the Citroen Berlingo remains a strong favourite among commercial drivers, benefiting from continual updates. It stands in close competition with the Peugeot Partner and Vauxhall Combo, both of which are elevating the standards within the compact van sector. Recent iterations of these vans are equipped with cutting-edge safety features, such as overload warning sensors, adding to their desirability.

Cheapest Brand New Citroen Van in the UK 

If you're thinking about purchasing a new van for your business from the wide range available today, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the options. To assist you in your decision-making, here is a list highlighting the leading picks for light commercial vehicles.

Citroen's lineup of vans offers a diverse range of options tailored to meet various commercial needs, each with its unique set of features and capabilities. The Citroen Berlingo, a staple in the compact van segment, is celebrated for its versatility and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for urban deliveries and small businesses. 

Moving up in size, the Citroen Dispatch offers a perfect balance between manoeuvrability and cargo space, suitable for professionals requiring more capacity without compromising on ease of driving. For those with even larger haulage needs, the Citroen Relay stands out with its expansive cargo hold and robust build, catering to businesses needing substantial load capacity and durability. 

Each model in Citroen's van range is designed with specific user requirements in mind, from the compact Berlingo to the spacious Relay, ensuring that there's a Citroen van for every commercial venture.

Are You Ready to Buy a Brand New Citroen Berlingo?

In wrapping up our exploration of the best vans for commercial use, it's clear that the Citroen Berlingo stands out for its affordability, cost-efficiency, and strong resale value. Its unique blend of fuel efficiency, low maintenance costs, and reliability makes it an exceptional choice for businesses aiming to minimise operational expenses while still enjoying a high-quality, dependable vehicle. The Berlingo's continual updates ensure it remains at the forefront of the compact van sector, consistently offering the latest in safety and performance features.

Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of the city or require a reliable partner for longer hauls, the Citroen Berlingo, along with its siblings in the Citroen van lineup, offers a solution tailored to a wide array of commercial needs. From the versatile Berlingo to the larger Dispatch and Relay models, Citroen provides a range of options to suit any business requirement.

If you're on the verge of deciding on the perfect van for your business, we highly recommend taking a closer look at the Citroen Berlingo. Visit the Citroen Berlingo page on Citroen Van Sales website to delve deeper into what makes this van a preferred choice among commercial drivers. 

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