How to Remove Lint from Clothes

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2024 - 06:19

Imagine this, you take out your favorite hoodie to wear for the night out, and while dashing out, you see a bunch of lint stick to your clothes, making it look as dreadful as it can be. Panic sets in as you frantically search for a lint remover, only to find that you don't have one on hand. Don't let this scenario ruin your plans again! Introducing BIORESTORE - the revolutionary solution to all your wardrobe challenges. Say goodbye to scissors, sticky tape, and razor blades. BIORESTORE is the best lint remover on the market, and it's even won the Global Change Award for its innovative design. With BIORESTORE, you can enjoy a lint-free wardrobe and never have to worry about ruining your plans again.

How do you remove lint without a lint remover?

Over time, experts have come up with a multitude of ways to remove lint with and without a lint remover. From dryer sheets to machine traps, you can find hundreds of different methods to revitalize your clothes. However, truth be told! None of these methods offer 100% efficiency. And even if they do, it’s far too much work for anyone, especially if you have a busy schedule.

For instance, you have to practically move a remover all over your fabric to get rid of fuzz or pilling, and it usually comes back very quickly. The inconsistency across garment can also make it look patchy and damage the intact fibres. Adding white vinegar and other recipes has also done more harm than good. So, what is the ultimate cotton lint remover? The answer is BIORESTORE! 

BIORESTORE is an all-new “Re-Tergent” that turns your old clothes into new clothes by reviving their true colors and exfoliating piling. The best part about this is it is not only pocket-friendly, but it is also just like doing your regular laundry. Instead of your regular detergent, add BIORESTORE to the washing machine. Set the cycle and timing accordingly, and you are all set to roll.

What can you use instead of a lint roller?

Lint rollers are designed to remove lint and piling from clothing effectively. They usually come with a handle and adhesives that capture just the debris while keeping the fabric untouched. Unfortunately, sometimes they may not work as expected! Firstly, most cotton lint removers are disposable which means you need to change the sheet after each use, putting a strain on both your budget and the environment. Secondly, you may notice a sticky residue on your clothes after using an adhesive sheet which may cause itching or irritation.

Clothing Brushes

Clothing brushes are generally more environmentally friendly and can be used on gentle fabrics as well. From clothing to upholstery to bedding, a clothing brush is a multi-functional fabric cleaner. These brushes usually come with soft bristles that are not good enough to do a thorough cleaning of your worn-out clothes. Also, it consumes far too much time to remove hair and dirt with a brush as the efficiency of these gadgets is really low.

Lint Removing Detergent 

You might be wondering, why have I never heard of lint-removing detergent? Because there never was one! BIORESTORE, the ultimate ‘Re-Tergent’ removes even the scariest lint in only one wash. It uses ExfoZymes to target the β-1 and 4-d-glucan links, removing all the unwanted lint and pilling from the fabric’s surface, leaving it smooth and vibrant, just like the day you first bought it 

It’s not magic, it’s science!  

Use the “Air-only” setting in your Dryer

Just like washing machines, dryers also come up with multiple modes and cycles to suit different needs. However, there's one cycle that often goes unnoticed - the “air-only”, “air-dry”, or “air-fluff” setting. The “air-only” cycle utilized unheated, room-temperature air which effectively removes bobbles and pilling by drawing in the direction of the lint screen.

Should you add ‘White Vinegar’?

Recently, there has been a huge hype around using white vinegar for diverse purposes, and removing lint is just one of them. Now, we are not denying it. Of course, adding a cup of white vinegar during the final rinse can remove some debris from your clothes. But there are many side-effects as well.

For instance, vinegar has a low pH level, which significantly damages the cellulose fibers, especially in cotton. It means that you are putting your clothes through an awful lot of suffering and reducing their lifespan at the same time. When you add vinegar to the detergent, it hampers the overall cleaning process.

In a nutshell, no you should not use white vinegar or other untested home recipes on your clothes.

Best Lint Remover

The best lint remover is the one that not only gets rid of the loose fibers but also treats your clothes with the love and care they deserve. To make this possible, it’s important to use a product or solution that is specifically made for revitalizing your clothes. By far, BIORESTORE has been incredibly successful in giving worn-out clothing a new life. So, why wait? If you are ready to step forward towards sustainable fashion and keep your clothes looking great, order your box of BIORESTORE today!

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