An en-suite bathroom is one of the home features that Brits would be prepared to pay more for

The bathroom features that could add almost £5,000 value to your home

An en-suite bathroom has been identified as one of four home features that Brits would be prepared to pay up to £4,999 more when looking for a new home, according to a recent survey.

The survey, from leading bathroom supplier, Sanctuary Bathrooms, found that over one in four Brits (27%) would be willing to pay up to an additional £1,000 to £4,999 for a home that had at least one bedroom with an en-suite bathroom1.

A further one in seven (14%) said they would pay £5,000 or more for an en-suite, with 16% said they would pay up to £999 extra.

En-suite bathrooms can help provide a private sanctuary for self-care, especially for families and multi-generational households. To optimise a small bathroom, consider space saving fixtures, jack and jill sinks, utilise vertical space with shelving and cabinets, and use light colours to create an illusion of spaciousness.

The other top home features buyers would be happy to pay extra for, include a downstairs toilet, WC or cloakroom (25%) and a modern look (19%)1 - emphasising the increasing significance of convenience and practicality in the housing market.

Sanctuary Bathrooms revealed that Brits would be willing to pay more for homes with the following features1: 

Between £1,000 and £4,999 extra

  1. En-suite Bedrooms (27%) 
  2. Downstairs toilet, WC or cloakroom (25%) 
  3. Modern look (19%)
  4. Lots of storage (19%) 
  5. Wet room shower (17%) 

Up to £999 extra

  1. En-suite Bedrooms (16%) 
  2. Downstairs toilet, WC or cloakroom (20%) 
  3. Modern look (13%)
  4. Lots of storage (23%) 
  5. Wet room shower (14%) 

The findings around the new luxury must-have features mirror the desires of UK homeowners to prioritise their wellbeing, personal health and happiness, with a third of Brits also revealing that their shower and bath habits help them relax and destress (34%)1 and a fifth claiming it benefits their mental health (19%)1. As a nation, we’re busier than ever, and with the economic climate still causing financial issues for many, it’s more important than ever before to take the time for self-care routines.

Commenting, James Roberts, Director of Sanctuary Bathrooms, added: “It is often a huge discussion point about whether investing in bathrooms can affect house prices or not.

“These stats show that there is merit in investing in a space, giving it a modern-look, and investing in highly sought after features can have a positive impact that may lead to bigger offers from prospective buyers. This is the same for any area of the house where buyers want something that looks cared for and looked after, and that doesn’t necessarily need a huge amount of investment to make it personal or practical. Not doing so may lead to people offering less if they feel they would need to put in the money to achieve this.

“Certain features like en-suites are popular for having a private space away from communal bathrooms, as well as adding a sense of luxury from stays away in hotels. They can be an expensive investment in the short-term but there is an appetite from Brits for this if they can get it that could yield a return down the line.

“Despite this, we would always advise homeowners never to solely invest in a bathroom for the purpose of selling a house. Making changes should always be a personal investment where those spending the money enjoy the benefit of that primarily.”

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