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Why Every Child Deserves an Adventure: The Benefits of Outdoor Education

Unlocking the great outdoors offers a unique opportunity for children to explore and learn in a dynamic environment. Outdoor education provides a platform for young minds to develop critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills through hands-on experiences. By stepping outside the traditional classroom setting, kids gain a deeper appreciation for nature and the world around them,...

Absolute Dogs’ Tips to Raise a Happy, Healthy Puppy During Adolescence

Puppies are only puppies for so long. Once they turn six months old, they start their journey towards adolescence. At this age, your puppy will begin to leave old habits — like biting — behind. As their hormones, brain, and body mature, you’ll likely find new training challenges to overcome.

Here, Lauren Langman and the training pros at Absolute Dogs share:

  • What to
  • ...
Consider your dog’s comfort and safety in these chilly winter temperatures. 

Keep your pooch safe from the winter chill

Brits are being urged to consider their dog’s comfort and safety in these chilly winter temperatures.

Pet insurance experts from are being urged to follow top ten tips to keep their four-legged friends warm and healthy.

Following extremely low temperatures and storms causing strong winds, pets across the country are feeling the chill.

No dog owner...

The big guide to choosing 20 inch boys' bikes

Choosing the right bike can be hard because we need to consider many things, like your budget, where your child will ride the bike (city, off road, etc) and of course what colour you want.

Finding the perfect bike for a young boy, especially one who is six to nine years old, matters a lot. That's why Bobbin Bikes will help you find the best option for your little one, balancing...

Man’s best friend costs the average pet owner a whopping £4,000 in damages

Pet pooches cost owners £4,000 in damages over lifetime

Man’s best friend costs the average pet owner a whopping £4,000 in damages over the course of their life, according to fascinating new research.

Damaged furniture and ruined carpets are the most common complaints among animal owners according to Dr. Beckmann – racking up huge four figure bills.

Almost four in ten owners (38%) say their pooch has caused irreparable damage to...

cold temperatures and lack of daylight hours could be giving your pet the January blues

Sad doggie? Your pet could have the January blues

Dog lovers have been warned to ensure the current cold temperatures and lack of daylight hours aren’t giving their cherished pets the January blues.

Just like us humans, dogs can struggle with their mental health at this time of year with thousands falling victim to something similar to Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD), according to pet health experts from VitaPaws .


parents out with child  walking

Reasons Why Foster Care is the Right Path for You

Have you been wondering whether foster care is the right choice for you? The good news is, there are endless reasons why it could be the best decision you have ever made. Becoming a foster carer not only changes lives, but it also causes real change in the bigger picture, and this guide is here to explain why.

You Will Make a Real Difference

There are thousands of young people in the...

How does the online divorce process work?

Making the decision to file for divorce is incredibly tough. It’s the last thing people think about during a once-happy marriage. However, perhaps your relationship has started to break down over the years and the best thing for the both of you is to end the marriage.

We understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed and are wondering what your options are. In this article, we’ll be...

Caring for the Family Dog: Understanding their Needs and Behaviours

= Owning a dog is not just a privilege; it’s a journey of companionship, learning, and love. Our canine companions depend on us for more than just food and shelter; they require understanding, care, and attention to their physical and emotional needs. In this article, we’ll explore various aspects of dog care, from recognising subtle health signs to understanding their emotional language....

Starting A Family: Essential Tips for Newlyweds

Embarking on the journey of marriage is like setting sail on an ocean of unknowns. For newlyweds, the thought of starting a family can be both exhilarating and daunting. It’s a new chapter, filled with dreams, plans, and a fair share of uncertainties. In this guide, I’ll share some essential tips for couples who are navigating these exciting waters.

Understanding Each Other’s Vision...

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