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Some countries and cities are far more welcoming than others to LGBTQ community

Study reveals the top 10 LGBTQ+ friendly cities for workers

Travelling and working abroad might finally be possible again following the road out of lockdown. And while the world has long been viewed as progressive and inclusive for LGBTQ+ rights, some countries and cities are far more welcoming than others.

Small Business Prices have researched cities around the world and assessed them based on their legalities around civil partnership, same-...

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle odds shortened to name daughter after Prince Phillip

The recent passing of Prince Philip was a considerable blow to the British monarchy, but Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle could keep his memory alive by naming their daughter after the Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Philip died on April 9 at the age of 99, but a tribute from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could provide a fond link to the Queen’s late husband when the latter gives birth...

The favourite proposal spot is on holiday

Research reveals just 1% of Brits want to get engaged in a public place

Proposals are more popular than ever right now, with engagement ring sales increasing by 50% in the last 12 months, and thousands of couples committing to their love during lockdown.

To find out how Brits attitudes towards proposals have evolved, Steven Stone, surveyed 2,000 respondents to find out how they feel about traditions, dates, rings, and social media.

Here's what...

What Pet Owners Should Know About Heat Cycles

Dog owners must become educated about heat cycles and how they affect their female dogs. Most vets recommend spaying the dogs no earlier than six months, and most dog breeds will experience their first heat cycle around six months of age. When managing a female dog during a heat cycle, pet owners can use a few products to keep them more comfortable.

If the dog has its own bed, the...

10 Reasons to Remodel Bathrooms

There is nothing like a home renovation project to add new life to an older home. In fact, many homeowners update out-of-style or cramped areas instead of moving. Bathroom remodels are some of the most popular projects because they provide a lot of value for the cost. Upgrading one or more baths can help reduce energy use, correct problems, and increase property values. Many owners remodel to...

One in five Brits took up sewing or embroidery during lockdown

New survey reveals sewing is the nation’s favourite lockdown hobby

One in five Brits (21%) took up sewing or embroidery during lockdown, making it the nation’s favourite lockdown hobby.

According to the survey of 2,000 people conducted by Brother Sewing, more men aged 25-34 took up sewing than women in the same age group (23% compared to 21%).

One in three women aged 35 or over started sewing and/or embroidery during lockdown. While women...

Father Day gifts for all the dads in your life

Father's Day gifts for all the dads in your life

The dads in your life deserve something special. One of the ways you can show that you value and appreciate them is by getting them a gift that they will love. This might be a tool to help them live a healthier lifestyle or luxury essentials that they may not be capable of buying for themselves.

In this article, we will talk about the best gift ideas for your dads and grandad. You...

3 billion single-use nappies end up in landfill in the UK every year

Reusable Nappy Week Kicks Off

TotsBots, the UK’s leading reusable nappy brand, has joined forces with the NappyAlliance to urge UK parents to give reusable nappies a try during Reusable Nappy Week, which kicks off today (19-24 April). Offering 20% off select reusable nappies and accessories from, TotsBots are offering an incentive for parents to give reusables a try to dramatically cut back on Co2...

Birthday gifts for friends: 8 thoughtful presents to give during lockdown

While we understand how awful it feels to celebrate your special day without your friends or family spoiling you (although it’s just for that one day!), there are still some ways through which you can send something special directly to your nearest and dearest!

Yes, ‘directly’ is the magic word here since a lot of mail and delivery services are under pressure or running short of...

Your child can't relate with his name? A Deed Poll could help!

Just like an unborn baby can’t choose its birth parents or prospective adoptive parents, he also can’t choose its legal name on birth. But growing up in the UK has its benefits.

The UK allows children under the age of 16 to legally change their name with some help from people with parental responsibility, for tasks, like obtaining a deed poll. A child may want a name change if it can...