The Challenges of Caring - and Your Career

When it comes to caring for our loved ones, we will do anything to provide them with the best care they can get. Often however this responsibility falls on to a few key individuals, maybe even just one person, and the challenges that come with such a responsibility are wearing both physically...

Ellie Green

Ellie Green



All the latest health and wellbeing information and advice from the experts.

Parents are urged to book an eye appointment for their child before the start of the new school year

Cases of eye strain and short-sightedness on the increase in children

Khuram Sarwar, optician at Feel Good Contacts is urging parents to book an eye appointment for their child before their children start the new school year. Delaying an eye health check-up could be dangerous; after all, it’s challenging to know if your child has a problem with one eye when the vision is good in the other.

Due to the increased amount of time children spend in front of...

Some pre-workout snacks can actually hinder your workout,

Fitness experts reveal surprising foods to avoid before a workout

While it’s important to fuel your body before you hit the gym, some pre-workout snacks can actually hinder your workout, making you feel tired, bloated, and even suffer from stomach cramps.

To help you make the most of your workout, fitness experts at Barbend have revealed five common foods to avoid eating the hour before a workout – and what to eat instead.

A spokesperson...

7 ways to relax and destress

A busy life can take its toll on your health. While some amount of stress is normal and considered part of our survival, too much stress is not good. It can cause headaches, muscle tension, stomach aches, and even death. To avoid the health hazards of dealing with excessive stress, you need to learn simple but effective ways to relax. Here are some tips that can help.

1. A hot bath


Top tips for breast feeding

World Breastfeeding Week: Expert gives 6 breastfeeding tips

It’s currently World Breastfeeding Week (1st – 7th August) and life insurance broker Reassured has teamed up with Deborah Lee from Dr Fox Online Pharmacy , an expert in the field. Together they have curated a list of six top tips for breastfeeding mums and debunked some of the most common breastfeeding myths!

Six burning questions about breastfeeding answered

1. When should...

Female Orgasms Offer Huge Health Benefits

Vibrators Should Be Free On The NHS Says Therapist

Therapist and best-selling author, Marisa Peer, one of the world’s most-requested wellbeing speakers, is often asked to talk about why women struggle to climax and how to achieve a super-orgasm. With August 8th marking International Female Orgasm Day , she shares why orgasms are so powerful, their numerous health benefits and why she thinks the NHS should provide vibrators on prescription to...

Blood pressure should be measured in both arms

Measuring blood pressure in both arms can help reduce cardiovascular risk and hypertension

Blood pressure should be measured in both arms and the higher reading should be adopted to improve hypertension diagnosis and management, according to a new study.

The research, led by University of Exeter, analysed data from 53,172 participants in 23 studies worldwide to examine the implications of choosing the higher or lower arm pressure.

The study, published in...

Alzheimer’s Society is sharing some important information about caring for someone with dementia:

Invisible heroes: Advice for carers of people living with dementia

Living with dementia and its effects can often be isolating and many people report that they feel forgotten about, but it’s not just those diagnosed with dementia that can feel invisible, but their carers too.

Alzheimer’s Society is sharing some important information about caring for someone with dementia:

Be realistic

Remember you can only do so much. Everyone who...

Sleeping hacks

England Star reveals sleep tips from inside the lionesses den

Ex-England women’s football star Anita Asante has revealed her top tips for the current Lionesses to get an uninterrupted and peaceful night’s sleep as they bid for sporting glory at Euro 2022.

Anita, who earned 71 international caps and represented Britain at the 2012 Olympics, is currently working as a pundit for the BBC as part of the channel’s Euros coverage – as England look to...

What are the Best Essential Oils for Joint Pain?

According to surveys, more than 20% of Americans over 20 years old experience chronic pain. About 14 million experience severe pain, often suffering emotionally and physically.

There can be many reasons for these people, including injury, illness, and older people. Joint pain is the most common source of pain for many people. While you can turn to medication from your doctor to ease...

7 Simple Swaps to Achieve a Healthier and Happier You

Most people would say that good health and happiness are the two instrumental components of a well-lived life. While material things can bring temporary pleasure, it’s all about what’s going on inside that matters, rather than a flashy car or the latest designer handbag.

You’re only on planet earth once, so if you’ve taken a step back to analyse your current life and believe you...

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