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Spring-clean your finances with these seven simple steps

Authored by Marc Astley

We can all become complacent with our finances, but as with any bad habits, the first step is admitting something needs to change – and spring is an ideal time to give your money habits a deep clean and refresh.

But, once you’ve decided to improve your money habits, where do you start?

Here are some ideas from UK director Adam Bullock, for spring cleaning...

Seven ways supermarkets try to tempt you into spending more money

Authored by Marc Astley

Ever gone out to buy a packet of biscuits – and then returned home with three packets, a new outfit, and a meal-deal from your supermarket’s new food range? If so, you’re far from alone in being seduced by your supermarket’s tempting offers.

Whether or not the food shop is something you enjoy doing, many of us will end up coming out of the store with our trolleys piled much higher...

Ten top tips if you are retiring in 2020

Authored by Marc Astley

For some workers, 2020 will be a milestone year – not just as it marks the start of a new decade, but because it’s the year they finally retire.

Whether you’re excited or daunted by the prospect, if you have a defined contribution (DC) pension, there may be several options to weigh up when making decisions about your retirement income.

Jonathan Watts-Lay, director at WEALTH...

Are you sitting on a mobile phone financial treasure trove?

Authored by Claire Roberts

HOARDER Brits are sitting on an unused treasure trove of old mobile phones and gadgets – worth enough to pay for a weekend for two in Mallorca.

 Each person has at least one old mobile gathering dust in drawers that could be worth on average £55 if sold second hand, a new study by gadget and gaming shop CeX shows.

And each British household has one further old games console...

Ten ways to make the most of your money in 2020

Authored by Jennifer Jackson

The new year often means a fresh start – and for some, 2020 could mean turning over a new leaf when it comes to their finances. But don't be put off by the idea of having to grapple with big numbers, as large gestures aren't always what's needed.

You may find small actions taken now could go a long way towards improving your financial prospects, whether it's cutting down on daily...

Do you know how much you can borrow on a mortgage? Take this quiz to find out

Authored by Marc Astley

We all know how important knowledge is, but how clued up is the average Brit? With an endless array of technical jargon to get our heads around, Vanquis Bank surveyed 2,000 people from across the UK and asked them 10 financial questions, covering everything from Direct Debits, VAT, mortgages and National Insurance.

  • The average score on the quiz was 3
  • ...

All I want for Christmas is . . . a new mortgage?

Authored by Paula_D

When is the best time to investigate a house move or new mortgage deal? Statistics show that many people choose the Christmas holidays to get the ball rolling. Here, Michael Usher – owner of Michael Usher Mortgage Services – considers the seasonal trend...

As Christmas fast approaches, most people are frantically shopping for gifts rather than thinking about house moves, mortgages or...

Selling a property for the first time? Here’s what you need to know

Authored by Claire Roberts

Before the autumn selling season begins, here’s how to boost your chances as a first-time seller.

For first-time buyers, getting on the property ladder can be a steep learning curve. But what if you’ve already bought your first home and you’re now looking to sell for the first time?

Just like buying a first home, the experience of being a first-time seller can also have its...