Restoring an Old Truck: What Are the First Steps?

If you have an old truck and are thinking of restoring it, there are a few things you have to consider. First, a truck restoration project can take a lot of time and effort, apart from the cost. Thus, it would help to know what you are embarking on and commit yourself to the project from the get-go so you are not left with an uncompleted truck, sitting neglected, and getting in worse shape...

UK Residents Take on Mercedes over Potential Emission Lies

Several car owners in the UK have joined forces against German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz in relation to its participation in the Dieselgate diesel emissions scandal. Along with other carmakers, such as Volkswagen and BMW, Mercedes is accused of fitting their diesel vehicles with defeat devices.

Affected drivers, along with their lawyers, have filed a Mercedes emissions claim...

Budget-Friendly Tips to Improve Your Car’s Performance and Aesthetics

It's not a secret that car owners have this longing to keep on improving their vehicle's aesthetics and performance. From the moment they lay their eyes on the car, they're already planning what to do to customise it. People want to stand out from the rest of the pack, willing to spend some serious cash.

There are many aftermarket parts and modifications that you can invest in for...

Drivers considering a vehicle upgrade are being given some car improvement tips by experts

Seat covers and wax: Ten ways to improve your car on a budget

Drivers considering a vehicle upgrade are being given some car improvement tips by experts that can be carried out at home.

The car leasing experts at and its sister site have recognised the increase in fuel prices and living costs, so have put together a list of affordable car upgrades that won’t break the bank. Enhancing a car’s appearance doesn’t...

Taking the top spot on the list is the Kia Soul which lost 49% of its value in 2022

Top 10 EVs that depreciate the fastest revealed

Thanks to the long factory lead times for new cars taking up to one year for some models, the used car market is currently experiencing a boost. The latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed that the UK used car market grows 5.1% in Q1 2022 with 1,774,351 cars changing hands.

But how do electric vehicles stack up when it comes to retaining...

just how much more cost effective would it be to own an electric car and charge it at home?

Motorists could cut costs of £1,900 a year by switching to electric

With petrol prices rising to a record high* in the UK, it will come as no surprise that interest in electric cars has also risen sharply, with searches for ‘electric vehicles’ skyrocketing this year by 1,500%.

But as the cost of domestic energy is also increasing dramatically, just how much more cost effective would it be to own an electric car and charge it at home? The car experts...

How to renew your car insurance policy

If your car insurance is up for renewal, shopping around can save you money. But to get the best deals, you need to start comparing early. Here, comparison site gives their advice on how to renew your car insurance so you never pay over the odds again.

Doesn’t car insurance automatically renew?

Some policies auto renew but not all of them do. If yours does, it should be...

Top tips to help you look after your car

With growing living costs, finding areas of our life where we can save is always a bonus. One area in particular where we can make some massive savings is with our cars. As new research shows that we're keeping our cars for longer than ever , you too might be looking for some simple money-saving solutions to help look after your car.

Think about where you park

Whether you're...

4 Tips for customising your car's interior

It is natural to want to customise your car to give it that personal touch. Unfortunately, it is difficult to customise too much of the exterior of your vehicle and still have it be legal on UK roads. You can put a few stickers in places, but that's it. This leaves you with only one option, customising the interior.

It might seem like a boring alternative; however, there is a lot you...

‘Sell My Car Essex’ makes vehicle evaluation easier

Selling a car has always been a tedious task and car buying companies have not made sincere efforts in making the sale any easier. ‘Sell my car Essex’ is promising better service and handles most of the tasks that the customer usually performs.

Looking to sell your car? Sell my Car Essex is promising a seamless experience from the beginning to the end, and requires negligible effort...

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