The car you drive reveals a lot about your personality

Psychologist reveals what the colour and make of your car says about you

Everyone knows there are stereotypes associated with certain car brands, but what do these motors really say about the owners behind the wheel?

Believe it or not, the car you drive reveals a lot about your personality. The brand, model, and colour you choose can highlight some of your key traits, including your attitude, lifestyle, and perceptions.

And, while there’s no...

5 things you can only see by car

You might want to escape and discover the best places in the world and the most breathtaking locations in Europe. If you're in need of a guide to all of Europe's best places , this article has compiled a list of all the best European destinations and road trips to help you.

From the beautiful landscape and architectural marvel of Italy to the golden and conciliating view that is...

34% of Londoners confess to having had a motoring fine in the last five years

London has the worst drivers in the UK

IT’S OFFICIAL, London has been revealed as the UK city with the worst drivers on the road.

According to a new survey by Rooster Insurance , England’s capital is home to the greatest number of drivers with poor or dangerous driving habits.

More than 1 in 3 (34%) Londoners surveyed confess to having had a motoring fine in the last five years – which is 16% higher than the...

Renault Clio: Mature Man’s Choice

Planning to replace your old car with a new one like Renault Clio? Take time - it is necessary to invest your hard-earned money at the right place. When it comes to purchasing a conveyance, there are many factors that need to be considered. The reason being, the thing with which you spend a noteworthy fraction of your time on a regular basis should be worthwhile. A smart decision would...

Why buying a used vehicle is better than buying new

A stunning new vehicle has grabbed your attention. It has all the extravagant accessories and an appealing financing alternative, yet what are your different decisions? There are numerous motivations to buy a pre-owned car, and indeed, this is an improper self-advancement to get you to utilize our Trade-in vehicle Agenda. Purchasing a trade-in vehicle can saves you a money, give a similar...

Lockdown restrictions have cancelled the daily commute for millions of workers

Brits have saved an incredible £9.1BN on fuel during lockdown

New data from GoCompare reveals Brits have saved an incredible £9.1 billion on fuel prices since the start of lockdown in March!

Lockdown restrictions have cancelled the daily commute for millions of workers, freeing up both the roads and our budgets.

As most cars stay stationary, less petrol is being purchased across the UK. That saving has severely impacted the cost of...

Gareth Southgate is selling his Bentley

Gareth Southgate's Bentley Continental is being sold on Auto Trader

Even though Lockdown The Third is forcing Premier League footballers to play matches behind closed doors, it isn’t stopping them from opening up sales of their prized fast rides and supercars.

Auto Trader, the UK’s largest digital marketplace for new and used cars has a number of luxury cars previously owned by famous footballers.

Here’s a roundup of footballers’ cars...

Fear of driving is a real thing

Driving anxiety has increased by 52% during lockdown

If you’ve not been driving much over the past few months, you might feel a little nervous about getting back on the road when lockdown restrictions ease.

Perhaps you’ve not been on the motorway for a while and you’re worried about restarting your commute to work, or maybe there’s a chaotic roundabout near your parents’ house that gives you nightmares. Either way, these feelings of...

How to Decide if an Electric Scooter is Right for You

Electric scooters, like electric bikes, are making it so much more enjoyable to explore your city and neighbourhood in a sustainable way. They can make it easy to commute to work, too, making them an excellent choice for those who want an alternative to public transport or trying to navigate busy city streets in a car.

Electric scooters can be pricey, however, which is why it’s...

Many motorists are unaware that some of the driving habits they have picked up are illegal

Six bad driving habits that could land you a hefty fine

Whether you’re new to the roads or you’ve had your driving licence for decades, there will no doubt be a few driving habits that really grind your gears. From drivers who hog the middle lane to those who don’t indicate when making a turn, these bad habits are not only frustrating but also extremely dangerous.

Many motorists are unaware that some of the driving habits they’ve picked...