Millions of drivers are at risk of being fined because they don’t know when their MOT is due

Nine million drivers don’t know when their next MOT is due

Millions of drivers are at risk of being fined because they don’t know when their MOT is due, amid confusion caused by the MOT extension scheme introduced during the pandemic.

Some nine million* UK drivers (28% of all drivers) don’t know when they need to get their vehicle tested to ensure it meets required legal standards, according to a survey of 1,292 drivers by Total UK ....

An overview of the RTA claim process

An overview of the RTA claim process

An Overview of the RTA Claim Process

One of the most common personal injury claims related to road accidents. The claim can vary depending on the severity of the injury and the parties involved. Compensation for injuries can be direct or indirect. And, some examples of indirect claims are seat belt injury, airbag injury, and the like.

There are many factors causing road...

These are the most dangerous driving habits

34% of UK drivers use their phone behind the wheel

THE SURPRISING driving habits which are most likely to result in an accident have been revealed – and the bad news is, many of us are doing them daily or weekly.

Rooster Insurance , which rewards good drivers with cheaper premiums, has revealed the riskiest driving behaviours motorists can engage in – with typing messages, checking your phone and even taking phone calls not using...

More than 45 million private number plates are currently registered in the UK

Crack the code and read the secret language of number plates

In recent weeks, Australian celebrity barrister, Peter Lavac, hit the headlines after the controversial number plate ‘LGOPNR’ on his canary yellow Lamborghini was banned by Transport NSW for being too offensive.

Number plates also regularly make the news when the DVLA releases its bi-annual list of banned combinations that reference swear words, sexual slang, or other phrases it...

Ford won two awards at the UK Car of the Year Awards 2021

UK car of the year 2021 category winners

The first round of voting in the UK Car of the Year Awards 2021 concluded with honours for nine different automotive brands. Winning two awards were Ford – recognised for its Puma and Kuga models in the Best Small Crossover and Best Medium Crossover categories respectively – and Škoda. The Czech manufacturer’s Octavia model emerged victorious in the Best Family and Best Estate categories....

4 Things to think about before you buy a motorhome

The road trip is trending. The way we spend summer will be different from here onwards, and many people are rushing out to get the perfect holiday in a new or used motorhome, caravan, or camper van.

This is a perfect way to enjoy time with family and loved ones in a way that is COVID secure and comfortable. No longer is the caravan or motorhome for the retired or those who can’t be...

More than 304,000 over 65s on UK roads have penalty points

Pensioners have more penalty points than young drivers

There are more than 304,000 pensioners (over 65s) currently driving on UK roads with penalty points on their licence, nearly 25 times the number of young teenage drivers – of which there are just over 12,000 with penalty points.

The findings, which came from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the DVLA by the UK’s largest independent road safety charity – IAM RoadSmart – also...

Lofty ambitions: Why Elon Musk’s Tesla Hovercar may have trouble lifting off

While The Jetsons confidently predicted that the 21st Century would be populated by flying cars, airborne personal vehicles have largely stayed in the realm of science fiction. However, with Elon Musk claiming that a Tesla hovercar may one day go into production, perhaps the 2020s will finally see us take to the skies (or at least hover off the ground) in our very own automobiles.


What to do if your teen is involved in a car accident

We all want our children to be safe at all times, and when they become teenagers, and specifically when they become old enough to drive a car, the worry about their safety can certainly escalate. Even if your teenager is extremely careful and is an excellent driver, accidents can still happen; there is no accounting for other drivers on the road, or the weather, or a freak event such as a...

Three Methods for Deciding on Your Dream Vehicle

A person's dream vehicle can often depict a milestone in their life. It serves as a barometer to that individual's own perception of success, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Naturally, material things aren't the root of happiness, but taking stock of what one has and indulging in a dream can make you feel elated and prosperous.

However, dream cars, for some, may come in the...

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