Is it advised to undertake the Pass Plus Course?

Most people really look forward to obtaining their full driving licence. People take a driver tuition course, they pass their test and they take to the roads accordingly, after which undergoing any further driving tuition is on an entirely voluntary basis.

Precisely why Pass Plus is overlooked or turned down a number of newly-qualified drivers, unaware of the potential benefits of...

Why Commercial Vehicle Insurance is Important for Your Fleet

Commercial vehicle owners, more than the rest, need insurance coverage to enjoy peace of mind about their vehicles. Insurance options like Rideshur can help fleet owners get covered for all the threats and risks that seem imminent. But it goes beyond that, the simple prospect of getting insured will compel you to make meaningful changes to your fleet business.

In this article, we’ll...

Frost on car windscreen. Winter driving

Seasonal driving hacks that could save UK motorists money

A leading insurance comparison firm has revealed the top winter driving hacks that could help motorists avoid higher premiums and retain those all-important No Claims Bonuses. says many motorists overlook the winter conditions and can make unnecessary mistakes that will hit them hard in the pocket.

The firm, one of the UK’s leading car insurance comparison...

The most effective way to customise your car

The second most valuable asset that you will in all likelihood own is your motor vehicle (the first is probably your home) - but how do you ensure that your car is the most appropriate expression of your pride and personal style? Here are some hints.

1. Pay attention to the covers

Your car's seat covers are a visual clue to how much you value your vehicle. Changes to the...

When might you need temporary car insurance?

With one car registered for every two people in the UK , around 20 million households have motor insurance in the UK. Given the number of drivers, and the number of cars sitting in driveways for much of the week, this represents millions of pounds in car insurance which could be staying in consumers’ pockets. Temporary car insurance is an often-overlooked method of insuring yourself, with...

5 Cool Gifts to Buy for a Car Lover

If your loved one’s car is their pride and joy, they will likely love to add cool new accessories and features that will transform its style or function.

Many items on the market can take their much-loved vehicle to the next level. Plus, they will make perfect gifts for their birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion.

If you want to put a big smile on a loved one’s...

The technology that changed cars forever

With so much incredible technology in today’s vehicles, it is easy to forget what driving was like 15 or 20 years ago. How people used to drive would now seem prehistoric to anyone that has learned in recent years, so what are a few of the main tech milestones that have occurred over the last two decades?

On-Board Diagnostics

These days, if there is a problem with the car...

How to have a clean automobile

1. Reduce Eating & Drinking in the Car

This varies across different families, however, we don't eat or drink anything besides water in our cars. This started when we took car safety classes before our first child was born. A nurse spoke about reducing or limiting food and drink consumption in the vehicle because it is very difficult to figure out if your child is in difficulties...

5 Questions you should ask before getting an electric vehicle

Opting for an electric vehicle is a great decision for many reasons. Not only will you be doing something good for the planet, but you’ll also be able to make big savings on fuel, the price of which is very volatile at the moment. Electric vehicles also have tons of other benefits you may not have considered yet.

Since EVs have fewer moving parts, they are less likely to break down....

Drivers can now expect to pay £514 for their car insurance on average

Cost of car insurance falls by almost £100 to lowest in six years

The cost of car insurance in the UK is at the lowest point in six years, as drivers save close to £100 when taking out a new policy, new data reveals.

That’s according to the latest car insurance price index from , powered by Willis Towers Watson. Based on more than six million quotes per quarter, it’s the most comprehensive car insurance price index for new policies in...

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