Woman relaxing in bath

More Brits than ever are taking a bath

Bathing has become a real event in 2021 with music, books, candles, luxury bath cremes and even our favourite snacks making an appearance, the study by indulgent bath and shower brand, fenjal , has revealed.

Experts say it is the Lockdown effect which has seen the humble bath-time enjoy a resurgence in the UK over Lockdown, after playing second-fiddle to the shower for so many years...

 is it more hygienic to shower or bathe

Britain’s Shocking Bathroom Confessions

Who’s guilty of forgetting your towel when going to have a shower, and secretly using your housemate’s instead? Surprisingly, more of us than you would think! The UK’s leading online bedding and bath retailer, Soak&Sleep, has lifted the lid on Britain's dirtiest bathroom secrets.

The company surveyed over 2,300 people to reveal that as a nation, we are not as clean as we think...