Household issues Brits commonly face in the colder months include boiler break downs

Household issues you're likely to face during cold weather

To assist homeowners with common issues that arise around our homes during the frosty months, have conducted the following research.

Experts at sought to collate a list of issues that households face most frequently during the colder months and utilised Google Trends data to analyse the average monthly online search interest for...

How to deal with a faulty boiler

Boiler on the Blink? Try this handy home heating hack

With British Gas staff beginning a five-day strike over pay cuts, there are fears that chilly customers will be unable to access emergency boiler repair services, leaving them without hot water and central heating during the coldest week of the year. Throw-in the fact that millions of us are at home due to lockdown - many Brits could be in for a cold and miserable few days.