Renovating your property can add 10% to your home’s value

Expert Tips to Save up to £11k on a DIY Home Renovation

Did you know renovating your property can add 10% to your home’s value?

With this in mind, personal finance experts, Ocean Finance , asked five property and interior experts for advice on completing your own DIY home renovation – taking the average professional cost down from £14,500 to just £2,960 – a huge saving of £11,560

Expert Tips to Save £11,560 on a DIY Home...

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What’s your money personality type and how can you improve it?

All of us have habits – and this applies to how we manage our money too. Whether our relationship with money is something we’ve picked up from our parents, or it’s been shaped more by our experiences in adulthood, attitudes to saving and spending differ.

TopCashback.co.uk has highlighted five different financial personality types. No one is perfect though – and even if you’re...

 Portrait of worried young woman feeling stressed and desperate asking for help in paying debt

Six financial fears affecting us all right now and how to deal with them

With many of us experiencing income shocks right now, our money worries have, understandably, escalated.

Nearly a third of people in the UK have already seen their household incomes hit by the coronavirus pandemic, consulting company Kantar recently found, while a separate survey from Hargreaves Lansdown revealed a quarter (26%) of people in full-time work are worried about losing...

Tinned food might save you money even after the Coronavirus lockdown. Lifestyle. Money

Seven money-saving habits you might want to continue after lockdown

Much has been said about the perils of being stuck in the house 24/7, like family pets interrupting your important conference calls, your partner leaving their dirty dishes everywhere and the lack of respite from the kids.

And while all of these are valid concerns, one silver lining to the situation is how much money you save when you’re living in lockdown (if you’re lucky enough for...

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Spring-clean your finances with these seven simple steps

We can all become complacent with our finances, but as with any bad habits, the first step is admitting something needs to change – and spring is an ideal time to give your money habits a deep clean and refresh.

But, once you’ve decided to improve your money habits, where do you start?

Here are some ideas from TopCashback.co.uk UK director Adam Bullock, for spring cleaning...

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I improved my bank balance (and the environment) when I gave up drinking takeaway coffee

My name is Liz and I’m a coffee addict. But I’m not talking about your average ‘spoon it in the mug and swill it with boiling water’ variety.

Nope, I’m obsessed with fancy Arabica lattes from small batch, hipster coffee roasters. The type that start with a punchy espresso shot and are finished with an artisan swirl of steamed oat milk, with microfoam that settles into the liquid in...

Seven money-saving tips to make your December pay cheque go further

Being payed early in December always feels brilliant at the time. You have money in your pocket to spoil all your loved ones with Christmas presents and even have some dosh leftover to treat yourself in the January sales.

The problem is that after the frivolous spending, your finances often take a serious beating ahead of the New Year. With some companies paying staff in mid-December...

Which budget mascara is best? We put 5 new launches to the test

Each of these black mascaras costs no more than £14.

When it comes to mascara, some beauty buffs believe only premium products will do, while others argue that bargain buys are just as good.

So who’s right? In a bid to find out, we put five new black mascaras through their paces – priced from £3.29 to £14 – to see how they stack up in the lash-enhancing stakes.