Prince Louis 2nd birthday party

As Prince Louis turns two, some top tips for celebrating a birthday in lockdown

Telling a child they won’t be able to see their friends and family on their birthday can feel like one of the more devastating parts of being a parent in lockdown.

Despite knowing you’re doing the right thing by staying home, it’s hard not to feel like you’ve let them down, especially if you’ve had to cancel elaborate birthday plans that have been months in the making.


Is seven-years-old too young to give children a mobile phone?

If your child is nagging you for a mobile phone, it may help to know what age other parents decide to give one to them.

The answer, it seems, is from the age of just seven.

A new study by Childwise has found 53% of children are mobile phone owners by around the age of seven, and by the age of 11, nine in 10 have their own device. Once children are in secondary school, phone...

Worried about your child’s mental health? Here’s how to spot the early signs

Children as young as six are suffering from stress. Claire Spreadbury talks to Dr Preethi Daniel about the warning signs, and how you can help.

It’s all too easy for families to get caught up in the Ferris wheel of life. And it’s not just the adults who are struggling to keep up. If you Google ‘depression in children’, the NHS will tell you that one in four young people will...