Dry January

Top tips to a dry January

Healthy Heart Tip: Dry January

This month is Dry January, which sees many people across the UK take on the challenge of curbing their drinking habits for a whole month. We know that drinking too much alcohol can lead to increased blood pressure, some types of cancer and weight gain. If you think you could benefit from taking on this challenge or would like to take steps to reduce your alcohol intake, try out some of the...

No alcohol - dry January

Plain to see: the hidden benefits of a booze free January

Taking on Dry January is a popular way to embark on a new year health kick – but did you know that alcohol is linked to more than 60 health conditions… and the wellbeing benefits of a month without it go much further than you may think?

So with another national lockdown now in place – instead of following the previous trend where alcohol consumption rocketed – it’s maybe time to...