Great Exercise Supersets to Strengthen Your Whole Core

When I mention core training, most people think of sit-ups and crunches. These exercises have been a staple of core training for decades, but there is far more to training your core than this.

Your trunk can perform a variety of movements. It can flex (this is what you are doing when you do crunches and sit-ups), it can extend (arching your back), it can rotate/twist, and it can flex...

Devon chef and pub owner uncorks his new wine school

The owner of a gastro pub in Exeter is raising a glass to his new wine school which launches this week.

Luke Davies, the owner of Cowick Barton gastro pub and a local wine expert, is launching Devon Local Wine School to host regular wine tastings, food and wine events and wine qualifications for those keen to learn more about wine.

He will be organising informative and...