5 Hay fever hacks for keeping red, itchy eyes at bay

With Allergy Awareness Week (20th April – 25th April 2022) upon us, we asked vision experts from Essilor.co.uk for advice on how the UK’s 13 million hay fever sufferers can keep eyes feeling healthier this summer.

For the 25 per cent of British adults who suffer from hay fever, April and Allergy Awareness Week mark the start of a season of misery. Whilst friends and family are firing...

How to recognise the eye health gender gap

Why women are at greater risk of some eye diseases than men and the steps you can take to protect your eye health, by Dr Andy Hepworth from Essilor

Women are still at a greater risk of suffering from sight threatening conditions, according to a new global report1 and the UK’s ‘eye health gender gap’ is showing no signs of narrowing.

Whilst it may be surprising to many that...

6 ways to tackle dark circles and eye bags, according to experts

Tired? Here’s how to deal with the telltale signs.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul – but if you ask us, the eyes are the window that reveals exactly how tired we really are.

After just one night of sub-optimal kip our peepers give the game away – add weeks of sleepless nights and we reach hollow-eyed zombie status. Why do our eyes betray us in this way?...