Worrying number of people delay going to the doctors

A recent survey revealed that a worrying number of people in the UK would put off going to the doctors for reasons such as being embarrassed or not having enough time. Even when experiencing Jaundice, a life threatening condition, only 61% of people would go to the GP.

The survey showed that that 27% of people are too embarrassed to go to the doctors with 31% worrying what the doctor...

Worried about your child’s mental health? Here’s how to spot the early signs

Children as young as six are suffering from stress. Claire Spreadbury talks to Dr Preethi Daniel about the warning signs, and how you can help.

It’s all too easy for families to get caught up in the Ferris wheel of life. And it’s not just the adults who are struggling to keep up. If you Google ‘depression in children’, the NHS will tell you that one in four young people will...