mental wellbeing

Sleep affects our mental wellbeing

How Mental Health Can Affect Your Sleep

To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week (9th – 15th May), the UK’s most trusted sleep brand, Silentnight , shares its sleeping tips to improve a range of mental health issues including loneliness.

The Mental Health Foundation announced that the theme for this year is loneliness. Loneliness affects many Brits throughout the year and is known to be a key driver of poor mental...

Narwan Amini from reveals the health benefits of waking up early

Sleep expert reveals the link between your sleep routine and success

With many trying to settle back into working life post-pandemic, sleep expert Narwan Amini from reveals the health benefits of waking up early.

Is there a link between waking up early and success?

People who rise early tend to be more alert and energized, meaning that they can concentrate better than others throughout the day.

A study in 2010, by...

AI voices

Artificial Intelligence: Can AI voice analysis help our wellbeing?

Human ears are attuned to aspects of the spoken voice such as pitch and intensity, which means we can pick up on nuances within someone else’s voice. That helps us identify when someone is happy, sad, depressed, angry and so on.

By converting the human voice to data, computer programs can learn to not only understand the spoken word and respond accordingly (think Siri or Alexa) but...