Every year around 150 people die at the coast around the UK and Ireland

Nearly half of UK boaters don’t wear a Personal Flotation Device when on the water

Research released today by global sailing brand Helly Hansen, a partner of the RNLI, has revealed that UK boaters are not taking the right precautions while out on the water, and they believe experience and age are reasons to go without a suitable Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

Most respondents to the survey think they are a good example to others when it comes to water safety (81....

Stay safe near water this summer

How to stay safe when visiting the coast, lakes and rivers this summer

Lots of us have been travelling to beaches, lakes and rivers to get some respite from the warm weather and a good day out.

Friday, July 31 saw the UK’s third hottest day on record, and it coincided with the HM Coastguard receiving 329 call-outs – the highest number in four years.

Gareth Morrison, head of water safety at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), says: “...