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Spending on take-aways have increased over lockdown

Here's How Much the Average Brit Spends on Takeaways During Lockdown!

With recent ONS data showing the average disposable income in the UK increased by £700 per household compared to 2019, Share to Buy analyses how much the average Brit spending habits have changed during the lockdown periods and the top most impulsive splurges of 2020.

According to Barclays, Brits spent a total of £40.6 billion on dispensable items to make their time at home more...

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Six easy ways to claim back cash and save money

Household budgets are going to be very stretched in the coming months, as the financial impact of coronavirus continues to be felt.

While many people are feeling a significant impact on their finances, there may be some small ways to ease some of the pressure.

Even while you’re sitting at home, you may be able to do something to save some cash right now and even get some...