Frost on car windscreen. Winter driving

Seasonal driving hacks that could save UK motorists money

A leading insurance comparison firm has revealed the top winter driving hacks that could help motorists avoid higher premiums and retain those all-important No Claims Bonuses.

Quotezone.co.uk says many motorists overlook the winter conditions and can make unnecessary mistakes that will hit them hard in the pocket.

The firm, one of the UK’s leading car insurance comparison...

Worn tyres: When to replace them

You may think that you need to get new tyres as soon as you can see visible signs of wear and tear, and in some case this is true. But do not be too hasty to replace your tyres if roads are in reasonable condition, and – as long as you are not going off road – you should be fine allowing the tyres to wear down a little more, as long as they are still legal. If you are going off-road or will...