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Six reasons why lockdown might have actually improved your relationship

Laura Bond
Authored by Laura Bond
Posted: Thursday, July 2, 2020 - 11:26

When the world went into lockdown there were many uncertainties and one might have been: how will my relationship fare? Will being cooped up together 24/7 be too intense? Will we fight more?

Well, a few months on, you’re still together, and – perhaps surprisingly – even happier and stronger than before.

Maybe there’s even a part of you that’s dreading the end of lockdown because, the truth is, you quite like what this new normal has done for your relationship.

So how has this happened? Well, it could be because…

1. You have a common enemy

It’s an unseen enemy, but it’s definitely out there. The shared fear of contracting the virus and the steps you take to avoid it – a packet of masks and a bottle of hand sanitiser by the front door, and a united front stopping the kids hanging out with their mates – might have given you a new shared purpose.

2. You’re making exciting plans 

When life returns to something approaching normal again, you’re planning – as best you can, given you don’t know when it’ll be or where you can go – a great holiday together. And days out. And meeting up with lots of friends together. And just doing all those things you used to take for granted. Together.

3. You’re part of a team

Maybe you didn’t do much as a couple before, but lockdown meant doing just about everything as a duo – from daily walks or exercise to preparing three meals at home a day – every day.

Then there’s the shopping manoeuvres as you divvy up buying for your parents or shielding neighbours, feeling a shared sense of pride when you’ve managed to get most of the things on your list. Basically, teamwork has been pretty essential.

4. You need each other

You might have feared spending ALL your time together might drive both of you a bit insane. But when you hear about so many other people who live on their own and are desperate for company, you’re grateful to have your other half there to discuss the latest coronavirus stats with, and complain about that family down the street who’ve clearly been having friends round right from the start.

5. You’ve been forced to make an effort

There’s no denying it, being locked up in those four walls, working from home or on furlough, can get boring. So to lift the mood you’ve both tried cooking different meals, doing quizzes together, cutting each other’s hair, and sharing a bottle of wine (or two) more than you normally would.

6. You know you’re lucky to have each other

Many people have reported feeling more grateful for their loved ones and that these strange, uncertain times have forced them to reevaluate what’s important. Sure, no relationship is perfect, but there’s nothing like a global pandemic to put things into perspective.

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