Top tips for a good night sleep

We are bedder off alone - these are the top irritating bedtime habits

ALMOST half the couples in Britain are often sleeping apart because of the irritating bedtime habits of their partner, a study shows.

Snoring unsurprisingly tops the list of annoying traits, but other major causes include being too hot, disturbing them when they get up for the loo, taking work to bed and even farting and cutting toenails in bed.

1 in 4 Brits have said their...

Nearly a third of students find love while at university

Almost a third of students meet their other half at university

UniHomes , the UK’s leading student accommodation platform, has revealed that heading off to university could be the ticket for those lonely singles spending this Valentine’s Day on their own.

According to UniHomes, nearly a third of students find love while at university, with as many as a fifth of students also deciding to take the ultimate relationship stress test of moving in...

Couple together looking out window

Six reasons why lockdown might have actually improved your relationship

When the world went into lockdown there were many uncertainties and one might have been: how will my relationship fare? Will being cooped up together 24/7 be too intense? Will we fight more?

Well, a few months on, you’re still together, and – perhaps surprisingly – even happier and stronger than before.

Maybe there’s even a part of you that’s dreading the end of lockdown...

 Working together from home during coronavirus can be a challenge. Lifestyle. (istock/PA)

Things you only know when you work from home with your partner

As self-isolation and social distancing ramp up, most people are being asked to work from home, where they can, during the coronavirus outbreak.

And for a lot of us, that means our partners will also be at home – we suddenly have a new co-worker.

While we’re used to sharing everything from our bed to our dinner table and TV time with this person, sharing an office and...