Nearly a third of students find love while at university

Almost a third of students meet their other half at university

UniHomes, the UK’s leading student accommodation platform, has revealed that heading off to university could be the ticket for those lonely singles spending this Valentine’s Day on their own.  

According to UniHomes, nearly a third of students find love while at university, with as many as a fifth of students also deciding to take the ultimate relationship stress test of moving in together while still studying.   

Just over half of students also state they’re in it for the long haul,  planning to move in with each other when they graduate.   So if you’re heading to university single, don’t sweat it too much, the chances of finding love could be right around the corner.   

To maximise your chances, UniHomes looked at which universities are home to the highest percentage of available singles to help accelerate your love life!.   

UniHomes’ research shows that Queen Mary University of London is the student single hotspot, with 55.3% of the local population listed as single. In fact, London seems like the city to be in if you’re looking for love.

The University College London and SOAS University of London, both of which are located in Camden, rank second with 54.9% of the population listed as single.   

The University of Manchester (54.9%) Oxford and Oxford Brookes (53.8%), and Nottingham and Nottingham Trent (51.3%) are also home to some of the highest percentages of single people where the local population is concerned.   

The university offering the least likely chance of finding your life partner is Waverley’s University for the Creative Arts, with just 26.9% of the local population listed as single.

St Andrews in Fife (31.6%) and Durham (32.4%) also rank as some of the universities with the lowest level of singles in the surrounding area, so if you’re studying at one of these universities, you may have to work just that little bit harder to find your match.  

So don’t worry if you’re single and studying alone this Valentines’ Day, there’s a good chance you could meet the one for you during your university life.   

While some universities may be home to a higher number of singles than others, it’s fairly safe to say that whichever one you opt for, you’ll find an abundance of single people. So there’s no wrong choice for those looking for love and a good education.

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