Playdate is the UK’s first dating app catering solely to single parents

Playdate: the new dating app for single parents

Playdate is the UK’s first dating app catering solely to single parents. The app is founded by single mum and marketing entrepreneur, Nevine Coutry, who knows how tough dating as a single parent can be. Frustrated at the lack of opportunities to meet like-minded single parents, she decided to launch her own app. Her vision with Playdate is to allow single parents to find meaningful...

Nearly a third of students find love while at university

Almost a third of students meet their other half at university

UniHomes , the UK’s leading student accommodation platform, has revealed that heading off to university could be the ticket for those lonely singles spending this Valentine’s Day on their own.

According to UniHomes, nearly a third of students find love while at university, with as many as a fifth of students also deciding to take the ultimate relationship stress test of moving in...

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Eleven things you’ll know if you’re the single one in your group of friends

Being the single person in a group of loved-up couples can be a struggle.

You love your solo life, and know being single is better than being in a bad relationship, but you can’t help but feel a certain hardship when you’re attending yet another Zoom quiz as a team of one.

Here are a few other annoyances solo friends will be able to relate to…

1. You’re always third...

Tenage girl staring out f window. Sad at being alone during Coronavirus. Getty Images/iStockphoto

The emotional rollercoaster of being single during coronavirus

So far, being single and child-free during the time of coronavirus isn’t entirely different to being single and child-free the rest of the time.

There are pros and cons and it’s a roller-coaster – but a much more extreme one in these strange times, with shorter gaps between the zooming highs and thundering dips and slightly more intense loop-the-loops.

And we’re all riding...

Why being single at Christmas is pretty awesome, actually

From cosy adverts to Christmas card tweeness, the festive season can feel like couples' central. And, well, it kind of often is. The season is geared up for twos – from the ice skating to the cheesy cards.

And when you're single that can lead you down a slippery slope towards emotional doom. Whether this is your first outing as a Christmas single, or it's been a few years, it's worth...