Ido Fishman- A Beginners Guide to Basic Kitchen Tools

The current pandemic has pushed many people to try their hand at cooking. Lately, many people have developed an interest in cooking and baking. While it became a necessity to cook at home due to the lockdown and closing of all food outlets, many people turned towards cooking because of all the extra time on their hands. Eating out and takeaway deliveries have become the most common eating choice among many people. So, naturally, when they finally entered their kitchens to try out cooking, they found that have no idea where to begin.

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A common consensus was that while many people didn’t know many recipes, a majority didn’t have the required tools to even make a proper meal. Flocking to the internet will overwhelm them as so many different tools are used in different recipes. This may lead them to give up the idea of cooking because kitchen tools are expensive. The culinary expert, Ido Fishman, has some great tips for these people. Fishman states that with just a few essential and inexpensive tools, you can make just about any recipe that you find on the internet.

So, if you are among those people who have no idea how they can make their kitchen an efficient working place, then this is the guide for you.

Kitchen Tools That Every Kitchen Owner Needs

Sauce Pan

You need at least one saucepan for when you want to make soups, chili, boil pasta, etc. The most recommended type of saucepan is the heavy pot. This is simply a saucepan with a heavy bottom that evenly spreads heat to all surfaces. The heavy pot is the pot you use for boiling things, blanching vegetables, etc. The most recommended material for a heavy pot is stainless steel.

Stainless steel pots may be a little bit pricy, so if you can’t afford them, then it is not a big deal. You can get any saucepan that is comfortable with your budget. Although, you may have to replace a lower quality pan more often than others. A great thing about saucepans is that you can use them as slow cookers as well. So, you don’t have to spend huge chunks of money on slow cookers.

Cooking Pan

Now, a cooking pan is different from a saucepan in that it is low-rise and wider pan. It is used for frying things. Actually, you can pretty much make everything in a cooking pan, as long as it doesn’t overflow. It is not recommended to use this pan for cooking liquids or boiling because it has a wider surface, so it will take considerably more time to increase the temperature.

With cooking pans, you have three choices in terms of material; stainless steel, cast iron, and non-stick. The top pick from these is the stainless steel, however, the Achilles heel of stainless steel is that you cannot make eggs of any kind on it. So, you may have to get another pan just for your eggs. Cast Iron also has many benefits but in addition to its cost, it is also hard to maintain. Your best low-budget choice is to get a non-stick pan. However, you may have to replace this pan as the non-stick coating tends to come off with rough use.

Chef’s Knife

You need a proper knife to get anything done in the kitchen unless you are a fan of eating giant chunks of meat and vegetables in their whole forms. If you are new to the kitchen and don’t own any good knives, don’t worry. You do not need to invest in a large set of knives to get proper pieces of food. Most of the time, not all knives in the set are used at home anyway.

All you need to get is a chef’s knife which is a multipurpose knife. You can chop all vegetables and fruits with it and also handle meat and chicken with it as well. This knife has a smooth grip and a curved blade which makes cutting things very easy.

You should pay extra attention when you are dealing with knives whether or not you have experience in cutting. Just a slip of a finger or a wrong stroke can hurt you. It would be wise to keep a box of band-aids near your cutting board if you are new to cutting. 

Cutting Board

You can make your cooking process a whole lot easier if you just have the right space for preparing the ingredients. You should definitely invest in a cutting board as it provides you with a clean as well as a safe surface. You have mobility and the option to wash and clean the cutting board to your heart’s desire. Furthermore, they keep the object that you are cutting from slipping and also don’t cause damage to your knives.

Ido Fishman advises investing in wooden or bamboo cutting boards as they are the safest option. However, you can also use plastic cutting boards for cutting meats as they are easy to wash and dry.

Measuring Cups & Spoons

When it comes to cooking, you need to follow a recipe that tells you exactly what amount of spices you need to add. If you are a complete newbie, then chances are that you probably cannot eyeball the quantity of spices and end up with an edible dish. So, you should find yourself a set of measuring cups and spoons. This is a great way to keep track of the recipe and add the right levels of spices and salts. These are especially necessary when you are into baking as baking does not allow room for lack of precision.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. A very effective and budget-friendly list of all the tools that you need to start cooking at home. With these basic tools at hand, you will be able to make almost any basic dish that you fancy. Over time as you become more experienced in the kitchen, you can invest in other tools and appliances that make working in the kitchen easier. For instance, you can purchase a full set of pots and pans, blenders and mixers, spoons and ladles, etc. Get these essential kitchen tools and start making your very own home-made meals yourself.


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