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Posted: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 - 19:18

The coronavirus pandemic has made significant changes in the lives of travelers, as well as a catastrophic impact on the tourist business. What is waiting for us in 2021? tried to take a closer look at the future of tourism:

Boost in Travel in 2021

The main trends in the development of the tourism industry in 2021 are:

  • Domestic tourism as an alternative to international.

Due to coronavirus, residents of almost all countries have no choice but to pay attention to domestic destinations. Many states have taken measures to increase security and promote local tourism. An interesting practice was introduced in the UK — zoning of internal routes according to the degree of danger.

  • Business pleasure concept.

Among the tourists now there are many employees of companies that work remotely and can travel without waiting for a vacation. Remote mode allows you to perform your duties and simultaneously undergo treatment in a sanatorium or relax in the Maldives. Now the list of popular requirements for the hotel service includes additional conditions: stable internet, accessible sockets, adjustable tables, and ergonomic chairs, quiet and comfortable roos.

The Hotel Office format is popular all over the world. For example, Marriott Providence Downtown has formed Day Use packages with 50% discounts for those who work remotely. Many hotels have put up offers for long tours of up to two months with discounts, offering to work with a laptop on the islands or in the mountains.

  • Rapid transition of the tourism industry to digital.

Avoiding offline sales allows you to comply with state-prescribed epidemiological precautions, such as avoiding live queues. Logically, the rules of social distancing should also be observed when buying tickets at air ticket offices. If earlier the tourism business adapted to the online environment gradually, now the transition to digital is a forced and necessary measure to survive.

Online Visa Is The New Visa

Every traveler knows that to travel to another country, it is necessary to have a foreign passport and make a corresponding permit at the embassy of the state to which the trip is planned. In some countries, an electronic visa is now available, which can be ordered remotely.

Today, it is hardly possible to surprise anyone with the possibility of conducting the procedure online. This includes buying railway tickets and paying for various services. This simplifies the procedure as much as possible. Visa processing includes a lot of negative technical aspects. This includes spending time in a queue at a visa application center or embassy.

The visa stamp is placed in the passport already at the checkpoint when crossing the border. It is a small sticker that records the date of crossing the border. This option of obtaining a permit provides an opportunity for tourists not only to save their own time on passing the procedure for obtaining a standard document but also to save space for other seals in the passport.

The online visa is suitable for travelers who travel to another country for a short period and do not plan to stay abroad for more than one month.

The time frame for staying in the territory of the host country is usually no more than 30 days. This is very convenient for tourists who want to visit a foreign country on a cultural visit. It is possible to issue an electronic version for treatment, recreation, to visit friends and relatives.

Online Visas by

An online visa with Natvisa is an electronic permit issued in advance of a trip to another country via the Internet. The tourist will have to present at the border a printout of the permit obtained at the embassy of this state remotely.

Procedure for obtaining an online visa:

  • ·        First, you need to go to the website of the Natvisa service
  • Fill out the proposed application form for an e-visa. Here the applicant must specify all the required information about himself (full name, passport details, etc.), contact details, the purpose and period of the trip.
  • Attached to the application are files with scanned documents necessary for issuing a permit. Please note that each country has its requirements for the attached documents.
  • For the visa stamp in the passport, the tourist must pay a fee. Pay for services simply and conveniently: You can do this with a bank card or via an electronic wallet.
  • The received confirmation of permission to cross the border of the state of interest is printed out on the printer. Based on this paper, a visa sticker is issued to the traveler at the checkpoint.

Note. The applicant, in addition to a passport valid for more than six months, must have a plane ticket in the opposite direction, and the date of return home must be included in the period of stay set by the online visa.

Popular Travel Destinations by Lifestyle Daily (Australia, Egypt, Canada, Sri Lanka, and India)

1) Australia

At the moment, Australia, given the fact that it was created as a prison colony by the British, is one of the most popular destinations for recreation and tourism in the world. Australia attracts tourists from all over the world with its huge megacities, large skyscrapers, beautiful climate, beautiful beaches, ocean, as well as friendly relations of the country's residents to tourists.

It does not matter that the purpose of the trip is an active holiday on the beach, calmly drinking Australian beer, of which there are many varieties and brands, or simple sightseeing, you can have a wonderful rest in Australia.

2) Egypt

The Land of the Pharaohs is famous for its constantly sunny and warm weather, so one of the most traditional tourist destinations is beach tourism, diving (exciting boat trips on a yacht with a dive into the sea), aqua scopes (special surface vessels with an underwater capsule). Egypt is also one of the world's top ten surfing destinations.

3) Canada

A trip to Canada is a great choice for relaxation and vivid impressions. For the sake of landscapes, nature, and unique architecture, a huge number of tourists from around the world come here.

Canada combines amazing nature and a modern lifestyle. In the southern part of the country, there are industrial facilities. In the northern zone, you can find magnificent lush forests. The Canadian North is rich in clean rivers and lakes. Here you will even find mountains that stretch towards the Arctic.

4) India

India is an ideal country for both experienced independent travelers and beginners. Here you can find a variety of holidays and experiences. Many people start their acquaintance with India from the resort of Goa, buying a tour package. However, as fans of this country say, Goa is not India at all.

Do you want to see the real India? Do not limit yourself to one state, do not be afraid to go beyond the tourist places – this is where you will find real adventures! The main danger of traveling in India is that most likely you will want to return there again and again.

Entry Policies of Australia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Canada, and India

1) Australia. Any travel to Australia for foreign citizens is still prohibited. Entry to Australia for any tourists with a tourist visa is now closed.

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