Why Printers Are Still Important in the Digital Age

Why printers are still important in the digital age

Jimmy Barnes
Authored by Jimmy Barnes
Posted: Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 15:32

A huge proportion of our lives are lived online, and the amount of things that we can do on the internet is only increasing. It seems as though digital media is slowly replacing the analogue things that we love, such as books and magazines. It makes you wonder if there is still a place for printed media, and feel a kind of sadness about a future where everything is viewed through a screen. This idea is particularly concerning for industries like printers, and for the people that work with them such as artists.

However, it’s not time to despair yet. There are lots of reasons that people will continue to use and enjoy printed media for many years to come.

Printed books do things that e-books can’t

E-books certainly have some advantages over printed books. The main advantage is that they don’t take up as much space as printed books, and you can have them immediately!

However, there are also a lot of reasons that printed books are better than e-books:

  • For people who love books, the feel of the paper and the smell of a musty old book form an important part of the reading experience. It immediately sparks a joy that isn’t quite there with an e-book.
  • It’s also much easier to lend paper books to your friends than it is to share an e-book. And sharing the stories you love is almost the best part about reading them.
  • This is a controversial point, but it is much easier to annotate physical books, to make notes in them about your thoughts or about parts that you want to come back to later.
  • Paper books are designed to be skim-read. It’s much easier to flick through a printed book to find the part that you wanted to go over again or to skip past a bit that you are finding a little dull!

Books are an important part of our cultural history, and they have so much more attached to them than the information that they contain that it seems unlikely that they are going anywhere, anytime soon.

You can’t wear digital clothing!

No matter how much of our lives go online, our physical bodies are still in the real world. Our physical bodies get cold, and they need to be protected from the rain, and so we will always need clothing. Clothing is so much more than a way to protect us from the elements, though.

The clothes that we wear are part of our identity; they are how we express ourselves. And that’s where printers come in. Without printers like Printing Progress printers Croydon, we wouldn’t have clothing with prints by our favourite artists, or logos of our favourite bands, or even a pattern that’s bright and makes us feel happy when we wear it.

Invitations are more than a way to tell you about an event

Another thing that’s slowly going digital is invitations, which makes sense. Digital invitations can be stored directly in our calendars, and make organising our lives a lot easier!

That isn’t all that invitations are though. For important events like weddings and christenings, preserving the invitation is an important way to remember the day. And it’s just not possible to do that without a paper invite.

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