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The survey shows the extent to which a lack of flexible new roles has held back women's career progression in the past.

Women optimistic that more new flexible jobs could open up work options

Seventy-three per cent of working mums are optimistic that Covid-19 will mean more flexible jobs being advertised, with three quarters saying they would be more likely to change jobs as a result, according to's annual survey.

The survey shows the extent to which a lack of flexible new roles has held back women's career progression in the past. Many felt that working...

over half  of workers enjoy listening to music when working

A third of office workers argue over the office playlist

The office playlist can often lead to a heated debate. While some employees prefer to listen to music to get them through their 9-5, others wish to work in utter silence. But, according to new research, over half (54%) of workers do favour music in the office.

As many offices across the UK prepare to welcome their employees back into the workplace, a new study by Office Furniture...

What is hot desking

If you happen to be striving to find new ways to make your office space as appealing to your employees as possible, you would not be alone.

Many businesses have been planning meticulously to make sure that a return to the office runs as smoothly as it can, and to make sure that no employee feels uncomfortable or unsafe during their working day.

It may be worth thinking about...

How to Fight Back Against Cyber Crime

Over the past thirty years, the war on cybercrime has changed and mutated into a complex web of issues, with every breach and theft only proving the very basics of the capabilities of modern-day hackers and cybercriminals.

This is scary, especially for businesses who were unprepared for the sudden changes to work from home at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and have a...

serviced apartments in newport wales

What Makes Serviced Apartments in Wales an Attractive Investment?

One of the main reasons that people invest in property is that it provides a level of stability and certainty to your investment. Investors make money through rental income as well as the appreciation in the value of the property. Of course, if things were as simple as buying a property and receiving a guaranteed income, then everyone would be doing it.

In practice, buying the...

How Your Business Can Wow Its Customers

The customer experience can determine your brand’s reputation, word of mouth, repeat sales, and longevity. If your business impresses each customer, you could hit every financial goal year on year.

Set your business apart from its industry rivals by going above and beyond to grab their attention. Keep reading to learn how your business can wow its customers.

Shorten the...

Why it's essential your business has brand purpose

When it comes to your business, brand purpose is essential. Having a brand purpose not only adds value to your customers’ lives, it can also help to build a better emotional sense between your brand and your customers.

This emotional connection directly contributes to boosting sales and increased loyalty. A unique brand purpose will give your business an edge by separating you from...

More than half of UK office workers have now returned to the workplace

UK workers see work-life balance improve after heading back to the office

Research from Ezra , the leading provider of digital coaching, has revealed that more than half of UK office workers have now returned to the workplace on either a full or part-time basis, with many seeing some surprising benefits as a result.

The research commissioned by Ezra found that 30% of office workers have now returned full-time, up from just 17% in April. A further 24% have...

5 Checkout hacks to increase conversion rate

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar shop or an online store, customers will often change their mind and abandon their purchase leaving your store empty-handed.

With e-commerce sites, that’s a huge issue. According to the statistics, the cart abandonment rate was about 57% in 2020. That means that over half of potential customers choose products, commit to the purchase, but then...

 A quarter of UK businesses are planning to close or downsize their office

Over 15 million empty chairs and desks create furniture furor

A game of musical (empty) chairs, or a landfill disaster? The move toward home working could cause a landfill influx of millions of chairs and desks as offices close or downsize following Covid-19, warns .

The business waste specialists are warning of a mountain of unwanted office furniture making its way to landfill as companies embrace a new way of working - and...

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