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A Guide to Construction Site Safety Essentials

Ensuring that your construction site operates safely is of critical importance and that means following certain procedures and ensuring you use relevant equipment designed to make the areas and buildings safe as you build.

Workplace safety places an onus on management and workers to...

Ed Barker

Ed Barker



How and when you should broach the subject of a payrise

How to get a pay rise in 2021

Some businesses are struggling, while people have been laid off. However your work may still merit a pay rise, especially if you’ve taken on more responsibilities due to the current situation.

Ezra , one of the leading global providers of digital coaching, has provided a helpful guide on how and when you should ask for a higher salary.

Founder of Ezra, Nick Goldberg,...

How to make my business more profitable in three steps?

When you are running a business, you should have many things in mind. Your spectrum of vision should be expanded if you want to bring profit to your company. That's an easy job if you know how to do it. Here we will show you our Top 3 ways of achieving your professional goals with ease.

One of the business tactics that are most used in the practice is to watch what the competition...

Your One-stop Shop For All Your Insurance Needs

Authored by Tom

Have you got a ‘history’ when it comes to your driving past? Are you worried that a previous conviction might stop you from tracking down affordable cover?

If you’re concerned that a previous conviction might prevent you from finding good quality cover at a price you can afford, TRY COMPARE are the people to turn to. It’s often the case that a driver who has a previous conviction on...

Work from home

Top tips for working from home in 2021

Many people all around the world have found themselves working from home during the pandemic. While there are many perks to this and many people are hoping for the option to continue WFH at least on a part-time basis once the pandemic has ended, there are also challenges and issues that many are finding when it comes to remote work in terms of both working and mental health. With this in mind...

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How to resist the temptation of working after office hours

Once work hours are over, you need to stop working. Your company no longer pays you if you go beyond those hours. Unless you get extra pay, there's no reason for you to keep working. However, there are instances when you feel tempted to keep working. You want to get everything done, and you want to work beyond office hours. The worst part is that your health could get affected because of...

The Role and Importance of Gemstone Laboratories in the Field of Gemology

The world of gemology is not so different from that of fine art. Both areas of interest have created entire industries filled with scholars and researchers, dealers and traders, and enthusiasts and casual buyers. Like a painting or sculpture, gemstones are highly valued for their physical appearance and rarity, and similar to how an art dealer appraises their wares, so to do gem collectors...

7 Benefits of Placing Photovoltaic Panels In Your Company

As a business or company owner, you can make a big difference by going solar. Here, we give you 7 benefits that are obtained when installing commercial solar panels in your company.

Characteristics of Photovoltaic Panels

The photovoltaic panels are characterized by obtaining energy from solar radiation, which becomeselectrical power.

This solar energy is captured...

Reasons Why Working from Home Can Be Stressful and What You Can Do About It

When the idea of working from home became the norm, many employees didn’t feel bad about it. It eliminated the need to get up early and be stuck in traffic. Eventually, employees realized that working from home is a terrible idea. If you also feel the same way, these are the possible reasons, and the steps you can take.

You don’t have anyone to rant to

You might not be...

Improvement of online gaming technology over the years

Whenever a discussion on technology is going on, the obvious word you are likely to hear is improvement or advancement. It has done magic in the major industries globally. Things that seemed complicated initially are now easy because of the power of innovation.

The online gaming industry in Norway has not remained behind either in the quest. The reality is that gaming changed over...

All you need to know about cloud computing – History, services and benefits

Do you know what cloud computing is? Cloud Computing is the technique of delivery of computing services over the net. These computing services embody storage, servers, databases, software, analytics, and additional. Cloud Computing is an information technology paradigm that allows us to access shared computing sources with tokenish management effort. With the assistance of Cloud Computing, we...