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Female-only founders receive less than 1% of all VC capital investment

Female-founded companies receive less than 1% of European VC investment

Research by Yoppie , the pioneers of personalised menstrual wellness and period care, reveals that European companies with female-only founders receive less than 1% of all VC capital investment despite the number of female-led companies almost doubling over the past decade.

Gender balance in the world of business and venture capital investment has been historically poor with male...

Small Businesses in Glasgow are Turning to Web Design Firms

Website design is a detailed building process which is the foundation of all websites across the internet. Whether websites are being built for the first time or being upgraded, there will always be a need for website design in some format.

Through this article we will explore the different aspects of web design in Glasgow and establish why it is so important for businesses,...

5 fascinating uses of conveyor belt systems

Conveyor belts are fairly recent innovations, having only been in existence since the 19th Century. Despite this recent emergence, they have become highly recognizable features of the modern world. Here are five uses of conveyor belt systems that are prevalent today.


Henry Ford pioneered the use of conveyor belts in manufacturing when he opened the Model T...

A guide to a career in bricklaying 

What is a bricklayer?

A bricklayer, sometimes also known as a mason or brickie, is a skilled worker in the construction industry. Their area of expertise is the building, repairing and refurbishment of brickwork and stonework. A bricklayer will be involved in the construction and restoration of a wide variety of projects such as housing, chimneys, walls, and decorative stonework....

Interesting causes of workplace conflict you need to know about

Conflict is considered to be inevitable in the workplace. However, despite its unavoidability, managers and business owners need to have a proactive approach and be ready to mediate and quell any simmering tensions and discontent before they escalate and become a legal matter. Even the simplest of disagreements between warring employees can lead to chaos and a negative working environment...

Essential Maintenance Your Workplace Needs

People in the UK spend on average 42 hours a week at work – that’s 2184 hours a year! So, much like their homes, renovations need to be made from time to time, and maintenance needs to be kept on top of.

When it comes to the workplace, you need to make sure the buildings are safe and secure to work in and also comply with any other human rights standards. You can also get in...

A survey, commissioned for the Financial Times by Ipsos Mori, reveals shortcomings in financial understanding

90% learnt ‘little or nothing’ about finance at school

The Financial Times has launched a new charity endorsed by the former prime minister Gordon Brown, focused on the promotion of financial literacy and inclusion around the world. The FT Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign (FT FLIC) unveiled its strategic plan to boost the financial literacy of young people, women and disadvantaged communities at an event hosted by Roula Khalaf, editor of...

Predicting future trends: the best ways to stay ahead of the curve

Staying on top of current market trends not only shows that you're a cutting-edge company, it also helps you strengthen your strategy and keeps your business as prepared as possible for the future.

However, if you're finding it hard to keep track of industry developments, here are three effective ways to master the art of predicting trends.

Constantly refine your...

Plan your social media content effectively

Since the advent of the pandemic, a growing number of companies across the globe have adopted a digital footprint to enhance their operational models. A large part of this digital footprint is social media and posting the right type of content on such platforms has the power to transform your business.

While many brands believe that using a scattergun approach by posting all...

Key Details to Remember After an 18-Wheeler Accident

An 18-wheeler accident could have a multitude of outcomes and causes. This is why investigations are necessary to identify the causes and who is at fault. If an at-fault commercial driver isn't insured, the victim will have to get an attorney and start a legal claim against the at-fault driver.

Attorneys understand all the requirements for these cases and will provide the victims...

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