Lockdown podcast listening has increased to 15%

Comedy is Crowned as the UK's Favourite Podcast Genre

Without a daily commute, a fair amount of podcast-listening time has been lost. However, recent research shows that despite an initial dip, lockdown podcast listening has increased to 15%, with more people than ever choosing podcasts over radio and music. Without the socialising aspects of an office, more people are listening to podcasts while working from home to fill in the gap and give themselves a productive boost.

To find out what UK’s podcast habits look like, Instant Offices, Coworking Specialists, have investigated the most popular podcasts that Brits like to listen to the most during working from home.

As Brits found ways to integrate podcasts into their new daily habits, the average time spent listening to podcasts increased 30 minutes around 15% between the first and second halves of 2020. This suggests that instead of listening to podcasts while commuting, UK workers are finding ways to listen to their favourite podcasts during business hours.

In total, 15.5 million Brits listened to a podcast in 2020, and recent figures suggest two-thirds of podcast subscribers (10 million) are listening to a podcast every week.

Most Popular Podcast Genres in the UK

Within YouGov’s complete list of the UK’s top podcasts, the following genres appear most regularly:

  1. Comedy — 24% of the UK’s most popular podcasts
  2. Sports — 12% of the UK’s most popular podcasts
  3. News & Current Affairs — 9% of the UK’s most popular podcasts

Some Brits are even getting their True Crime fix while working from home. True Crime makes up 6% of the nation’s favourite podcasts.

Top Branded Podcasts

Here are the top 10 most popular branded podcasts according to Apple Podcasts reviews and ratings:

1. Inside Trader Joe's

2. The Message

3. Casting Call

4. Shopify Masters

5. Open for Business 

6. The Secret to Victory

7. Wireframe

8. Invisible Forces

9. Flipping the Game

10. The Endless Thread

John Williams, Chief Marketing Officer at The Instant Group has commented,

“Although our work routines have changed and we no longer have commutes, our research shows podcast listening continues to see the year on year increase of previous years.”

“While some worry about the impact this may have on productivity, many employees find podcasts to be a welcome respite from having had less social interaction during the lockdown period. According to YouGov, 47% would rather be back in the office in some capacity, 67% say coronavirus has had a negative impact on their mental health and 15% are lonely while working from home. Many companies, including Instant Offices, have invested in providing employees with free podcasts to support them with issues like stress, wellness and health during this time.”

Additionally, professional development podcasts provide inspiration and motivation to those looking to enhance their careers and give their workflow a boost. Listening to podcasts has been shown to stimulate the brain, release feel-good chemicals and give productivity a boost.

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