Lockdown podcast listening has increased to 15%

Comedy is Crowned as the UK's Favourite Podcast Genre

Without a daily commute, a fair amount of podcast-listening time has been lost. However, recent research shows that despite an initial dip, lockdown podcast listening has increased to 15%, with more people than ever choosing podcasts over radio and music. Without the socialising aspects of an office, more people are listening to podcasts while working from home to fill in the gap and give...

Bobby Davro

Laughter is the best medicine right now says Bobby Davro

Comedy legend Bobby Davro is happily chatting and firing off jokes, when suddenly the laughter stops. He’s spotted a large spider and there’s no mistaking his fear.

“Please come and get it,” he wails to his daughter Brittany, 25, as he stands on a chair in the living room of his Surrey home.

“I’m not just scared of spiders, I’m terrified of them,” he explains, after it’s...

Celebrity Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan says it is impossible to be liked by everyone

They say if you want something done, ask a busy person and, for Katherine Ryan, lockdown is proving the old adage true.

Ensconced with her husband and daughter on the London-Hertfordshire border, Ryan is supposed to be scribing the second season of her sitcom, but despite the mounds of free time, lockdown life is proving rather distracting. “I’m really not getting into it,” she says...

Robert Webb talking about David Mitchell

Robert Webb on David Mitchell: We never fell out exactly...

He used to be part of a double-act with comedian David Mitchell, starring in Peep Show and That Mitchell And Webb Look, but Robert Webb says not working together as much has truly helped their friendship.

While they have gone their own ways career-wise, both appearing in panel shows, on the West End stage and writing memoirs, they are still close, says Webb today. He’ll be working...