What Pet Owners Should Know About Heat Cycles

Dog owners must become educated about heat cycles and how they affect their female dogs. Most vets recommend spaying the dogs no earlier than six months, and most dog breeds will experience their first heat cycle around six months of age. When managing a female dog during a heat cycle, pet owners can use a few products to keep them more comfortable.

If the dog has its own bed, the pet owner can cover the pet bed with a removable cover that is waterproof. This can help them with a heat cycle and prevent the pet bed from becoming damaged. A vet may recommend pain relievers for any dogs that experience pain or discomfort during their heat cycle.

You'll Need Absorbent Products

When the female dog starts their heat cycle, it is likely that the pet may have some blood and discharge. Since pets love to sleep on the furniture, it is a great idea to place the potty pads in these locations to capture and absorb the blood and discharge.

For most female dogs the discharge will last up to a week, but the potty pads can make life easier for the pet owner until they can get their dog spayed. The female dog will start licking themselves when the heat cycle starts and the discharge begins to leak. Pet owners can get more details at Pet Parents about dog products they need.

Attention Seeking Becomes More Prominent

As their heat cycle begins, the pet owner will notice that their dog wants more attention than normal. A female dog will become far more affectionate when they are going through a heat cycle. The pet owner should be patient with their dog and give her as much attention as she needs. The heat cycles are just as difficult for the pet as they can be for the pet owner. Love and affection are a necessary part of making sure the pet knows they are loved.

Keeping the Pet Safer

A female dog shouldn't be left unattended outdoors when she is going through a heat cycle. When taking her outdoors for potty trips, vets recommend taking the dog to an enclosed area where other dogs cannot access her. If the pet owner doesn't have an enclosed area, it is imperative that they keep their dog close by when pottying and keep other dogs away from her. Male dogs will try to mount her if the dog is unattended, and some males can become violent when trying to access a female.

Preventing Other Dogs From Marking Your Yard

When a female dog goes into heat, it can attract other dogs into the pet owner's yard. The dogs will urinate around the property to discourage other male dogs from coming into the yard. To deter the behaviors and get the dog to stay out of the yard, the pet owner can spay down the areas with a cleanser that doesn't contain ammonia.

They should use products that are designed to cover pet odors. Unless the pet owner wants to build a fence around their property, they will need to continue spraying the odor eliminators until their female dog is no longer in heat.

How Many Time Does the Dog Go Into Heat?

It depends on the pet breed. Most dogs go into heat twice a year or every six months. The heat cycles start at 6 months of age for most dogs, but some breeds won't begin heat cycles until they are at least 18 months old. Small dog breeds may experience a heat cycle up to three times a year. The only way to get female dogs to stop experiencing heat cycles is to schedule spaying surgery for the pet.

If You Want Them to Have One Litter of Puppies

Pet owners who want their dog to have at least one litter of puppies must wait until the dog has completed at least one heat cycle. They should set up a checkup with their vet to assess their pet's health. It is not wise to allow just any dog to impregnate their dog. If the dog is a purebred, it is best to find a male that is of the same breed.

It is also recommended that the pet owner take their dog in to see the vet and allow the vet to monitor the pregnancy. Dogs are pregnant for up to nine weeks, and as long as there aren't any complications, the pet can give birth at home. However, if there are any signs that the dog is in distress, and the pet owner should get emergency treatment for their dog. After the pet has given birth, the vet will schedule spaying surgery for the pet.

Why Should You Spay Your Female Dogs?

By spaying the female dog, the pet owner can decrease their risk of breast tumors and uterine infections. Studies show that dogs live up to 50% longer if they are spayed at early as possible. They can also avoid many forms of cancer of the reproductive organs by undergoing the surgery.
The pet owner will no longer have to worry about the pet experiencing any more heat cycles if they are spayed. This decreases the risk of getting attacked by male dogs when going out to potty, and the neighbor's dogs won't enter the yard to mark their territory. The pet owners will enjoy their time with their pets more after the surgery, and they can keep their pets safer when visiting dog parks and when going for a walk.

Pet owners must provide extra care for their female dogs when they enter into a heat cycle. During a heat cycle, the vulva becomes swollen, and the female dog may experience some discomfort. They will have some discharge and pass some blood throughout the heat cycle, but it will become thinner and less frequent by the end of the cycle. To keep the pet more comfortable during the heat cycle, pet owners can use potty pads to cover the floor and furniture. By pampering their dog, the pet owner and their furbaby can get through this trying time.

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