Pet owners have had to pay out  £522 on average to repair damages in the home

Fur-ocious pets costing owners £500 with home mishaps

Authored by Ed Barker

Having the responsibility of a pet has cost owners more than £500 in damage repairs, on average, new research reveals, as lockdown sees a surge in pet purchases.

And as the festive season fast approaches, more of us will consider adding a furry friend to our family. But you might be biting off more than you can chew, as more than one in five (22%) pet-parents admit their animals have...

Study by RVC into puppy buying experiences

Puppy owners from 2019 invited to take part in national study

Authored by James Carter

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) is calling for respondents for its survey on puppy buying experiences both before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. The survey is applicable to UK-based dog owners who have acquired a puppy since January 2019. This ‘Pandemic Puppies’ study will compare how and why puppies were bought before and during the Covid-19 pandemic, to help build an understanding of...

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

The Biggest Dog-Loving Region Revealed

Authored by James Carter

As well as edging one month closer to Christmas and welcoming colder and crisper weather, November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, a month dedicated to helping older dogs find a forever home. It isn’t surprising to learn that older dogs experience great difficulty when trying to find a new and loving family—it is a sad reality we should all be aware. After all, every animal deserves to...

Beware of dangers to your pets in Autumn

Charity warns pet owners to beware of autumn dangers

Authored by Claire Roberts

Blue Cross pet charity is warning dog owners to be vigilant around conkers and acorns which can poison them if eaten. Some owners may throw conkers for pets to catch without realising the activity is potentially fatal. Dogs can easily swallow conkers which can become lodged in their throat or intestines and dogs with blockages, or suspected blockages, could need surgery to remove them. Dogs...

Study reveals the lengths brits go to to keep their beloved pets cosy

Brits care more about their pet's welfare and comfort than their own

Authored by Lifestyle Editor

It comes as no surprise that the UK is a nation of pet lovers and a recent survey suggests that for many of us, they are the number one priority. Latest figures from PDSA reveal that there are 10.9 million cats and 9.9 million dogs living in UK households.

A study of 2,000 besotted cat and dog owners by reveals the lengths brits go to to keep their beloved animal cosy....

What type of cat owner are you?

What type of cat owner are you?

Authored by Laura Bond

Cat owners fall into five categories in terms of their attitudes to their pets’ roaming and hunting, according to a new study.

University of Exeter researchers surveyed UK cat owners and found they ranged from "conscientious caretakers" concerned about cats’ impact on wildlife and feel some responsibility, to "freedom defenders" who opposed restrictions on cat behaviour all together...

Leaving pets behind can be heart-breaking

Summer Pawliday! Third of Brits won’t go on holiday without their pet

Authored by Ed Barker

Following a recent survey that shows 85% of pet parents would rather a staycation in the UK than go abroad without their pets, Lily’s Kitchen has offered it’s best tips on how and where to take pups away with them this year. This also follows statistics that show UK holiday searches and bookings are up by 1/3rd on this time last year.

Leaving pets behind can be heart-breaking, with 1...

dog and cat on sofa

Pets are taking over our beds

Authored by James Carter

Two in five owners let their dog or cat share their bed while one in three humanise them so much that they refuse to change their clothes or be naked in front of them. According to the survey, over two thirds (67%) let their pets on the furniture, just under half (49%) will give their pet human food and another third (31%) will happily let their pets lick their face.

Half of Brits...

dog lying down

Eight bizarre facts you never knew about dogs

Authored by Laura Bond

No other animal inspires the same devotion as the dog (sorry, cat people), and there’s any number of reasons why dogs are, at least by number of households, the most popular pets in the world.

Here are a few fantastical facts about man’s best friend…

1. Dogs can be genuinely selfless

American humorist Josh Billings once described dogs as “the only things on Earth...

How much do you really know about cats? (iStock/PA)

15 bizarre things you never knew about cats

Authored by Claire Roberts

We feed them, stroke them, and live alongside them – but how much do you really know about your cat?

While dogs are fairly up front about things – when they look like they’re happy to see you, they actually are – cats can be a lot more mysterious, and their private lives extend far beyond the knowledge of their owners.

Here’s a few nuggets you probably never knew about the...