dog owners proudly admit that their dog is their best friend

Thousands wouldn't be in a relationship with someone who disliked dogs

New data released shows that despite 2020 turning lives and relationships upside down, the bond humans share with our four-legged companions remained the same, as nearly three quarters (70 per cent) of West Country dog owners proudly admit that their dog is their best friend. Furthermore, almost two thirds (62 per cent) say they wouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t like dogs...

A rubbish collection company says that dog poo litter is up 200%

Dog owners are not cleaning up after their pups

Walking the dog has become one of the few opportunities to get outside for some fresh air during lockdown, but it has come at a stinking, germ-ridden cost..

A rubbish collection company says that dog poo litter is up 200%, a clear indicator that not all dog owners are cleaning up after their pups. Just as bad are those who bag the poo, and then dump the bag in the street or up a tree...

How to keep your pets warm this winter

Brrrilliant tips to helps keep your pets cosy during the cold spell

The Met Office has this week forecast snow showers for parts of Scotland and northern England, as well as a yellow weather warning for ice across the midlands and southern England over the next few days.

The RSPCA’s pet welfare specialist Sam Gaines said: “Though we’ve already had some frosty spells during the last few weeks, temperatures have plummeted and we’re all being warned now...

Pet-related accidents increased by almost a quarter in 2020

Insurance giant reveals the havoc household pets cause in homes

The latest investigation from Admiral home insurance highlights examples where either a cat or dog has caused havoc in the home, as analysis of its internal claims data revealed pet-related accidents increased by almost a quarter (24%) in 2020 compared to 2019.

One homeowner’s husband was decorating the house when their dog chased a stray cat, which came in through the back door,...

Dog's heart rates go up when they hear certain words

These words get your pooches heart rate up

Our loving and caring four-legged pals played a helping hand in making sure 2020 was made easier; they provided us with laughs, smiles and happiness throughout bleak times.

Intrigued to uncover what sends our household pals into a tail-wagging frenzy, experts at conducted a three-month study to find out which words and phrases our pooches love to hear the most. In a bid to...

Its walk your dog month

Take your dog to the best spots in walk your dog month

If you’re thinking of taking up exercise as your New Year resolution, unlike your friends, who may cancel on you with varied excuses, dogs will never turn down an action-packed walk.

With obvious health benefits for both you and your dog(s), walking for 30 minutes a day or more is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health. Why not take a brisk walk with your canine pal,...

Cats are for life not just for Christmas

12 tips to avoid sending your cat crackers at Christmas

Curiosity can have a notorious effect on cats, so the advent of tinsel, baubles and seasonal plants can turn a cosy Christmas home into a tempting playground of hazards for our furry friends.

To help keep kitty safe this Christmas and New Year, Cats Protection has shared 12 top tips for feline-friendly festivities to ensure the season can be enjoyed by all.

Watch Santa’s...

Research shows that cat and dog owners said their pet had been a lifeline throughout lockdown

Pets will be the only companion for millions of people this Christmas

Millions of people in the UK may be completely reliant on their pets for companionship  this Christmas, according to research from vet charity PDSA.

Off the back of findings from the annual PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report, PDSA is warning that the financial impact of the Covid-19 crisis in the UK means that the enormous benefits pets bring to their owners is being put at risk. The...

Fleas can thrive in warm temperatures when the heating is on

Think your dog can only get fleas in the summer?

Switching on the central heating creates the perfect breeding ground for winter parasites — and it’s not just your pets who could suffer.

The Itch-Festation Report from dog food company has found that the warmer the temperature, the faster flea eggs develop into adults. At a cool 13C, it could take a flea egg 140 days to hatch, but when temperatures hit the mid-twenties (or...

Cuddling our dogs help reduce stress

Cuddling our four-legged friends helps reduce stress

Racking up millions of views on YouTube, ‘Cute Dog’ compilations seem to tug on our heartstrings when we need them the most.

With recent studies showing that watching videos of cute dogs and puppies can reduce stress, Pet Department at OnBuy wanted to find out if cuddling our four-legged friends could reduce stress even more, and if so, which breed makes you feel most relaxed....