Most dogs have enough fur to keep them warm outside when the temperature drops. 

How To Know If Your Dog Needs To Wear A Jacket

With online searches for dog coats up by 95% , dog owners across the country are rushing to wrap up, as parts of the UK prepare for freezing temperatures .

A bit of cold weather is never normally enough to put our furry friends off spending some time outside, but do they need protective clothing like jumpers and coats?

When deciding on whether to put warm winter clothing on...

How to capture the perfect pet picture

Five Expert Tips For Perfect Pet Portraits

As anyone with pets knows, capturing the perfect photographs of our furry friends is easier said than done. To help out, photo experts at

CEWE have worked with professional photographers and animal specialists on five top photography tips to help capture those perfect pet portraits.

1. Focus on the eyes

In the best portraits, the eyes tell a story....

1 in 6 admitted to having a stronger bond with their pets than their partners

Get matching diamond necklaces for you and your pet this Valentine's Day!

While we traditionally send our partners cards, flowers, and gifts, on Valentine’s Day, this year we want to celebrate another type of love. We’re talking about puppy love.

To celebrate this bond and show our loyal companions some love this Valentine’s Day, our jewellery experts at Steven Stone have revealed just how much we love our pets, not to mention designed a selection of gifts...

Why does my cat do bizarre things?

Six bizarre things your cat does explained by the experts

Cats make wonderful companions, but any cat owner knows they can be curious animals. They like to knock objects off the coffee table, sleep in tight spaces, chatter their teeth and engage in all sorts of weird behaviours.

This weird behaviour isn’t just a quirk of your feline friend - the unpredictability can be behavioural or evolutionary. And while you generally discourage traits...

Cat sleeping. Cat body language

What does your cat's sleeping position really mean?

Have you ever closely monitored your cat’s sleeping position ? Just like humans, our cats sleep in a variety of positions, so the way your little fur ball rests can tell you a lot about its behaviour and personality.

Below, we’ve asked the team of specialists from the Republic of Cats to share the meanings behind the most common cat sleeping positions.

The full content can...

Eight mistakes most commonly made by new cat owners

How to avoid eight common mistakes cat owners make

Cats have earned a reputation for their independence, yet bringing home a new feline friend is a major decision which still requires a great deal of time, effort and money.

So, before you bring home an adorable kitten (no matter how tempting the thought is) , Eleonore Hacheme, Cat Nutritionist at Republic of Cats solves eight mistakes most commonly made by new cat owners.


The reactions dogs have to allergens can differ slightly from those experienced in humans

How to tell if your dog has seasonal allergies

The reactions dogs have to allergens can differ slightly from those experienced in humans. Your dog may scratch or lick themselves repeatedly, develop itchy, red swollen eyes, discharge from the nose, fits of sneezing. In some cases, dogs can suffer from diarrhoea and vomiting or secondary infection may appear.

The amount of itching your pet may experience can range from mild to...

It was revealed that most dog owners bathe or shower their dogs at home once a month

REVEALED: How much UK dog owners spend on professional grooming each year

There has been an undisputed surge in demand for dogs and puppies in recent months. Searches for ‘puppies for sale’ are up an average of 42% compared to 2019, with national lockdowns igniting a desire for canine company and presenting many people with time on their hands to dedicate to looking after their new addition to the family. We all know a dog is for life and not just for lockdown, and...

What Pet Owners Should Know About Heat Cycles

Dog owners must become educated about heat cycles and how they affect their female dogs. Most vets recommend spaying the dogs no earlier than six months, and most dog breeds will experience their first heat cycle around six months of age. When managing a female dog during a heat cycle, pet owners can use a few products to keep them more comfortable.

If the dog has its own bed, the...

The pug that is the most tattooed breed in the world

Pugs Are The Most Tattooed Dog In The World

There’s no disputing the love we have for our four-legged friends, from a cuddly cockapoo to a loving labrador, they have definitely earned their place as a man's best friend. In fact, for many people their pooch means so much to them that they’ll have their favourite breed tattooed on them as a permanent symbol of their love.

Curious to discover which breed is the most popular in...