Photoshop yourself to the red list countries

Digitally transport yourself to red list countries

James Carter
Authored by James Carter
Posted: Friday, May 14, 2021 - 20:46

With England’s traffic light system coming into play on May 17th, we won’t be able to travel to red list countries, but that doesn’t mean we can’t frame a new photo of ourselves lounging by a pool in Turkey, exploring the temples in Nepal, or even spotting animals in South Africa. Introducing a holiday photo service by global home-swapping platform Love Home Swap, which offers free professional Photoshopping to a red list destination.

Whether it’s an old family picture from the archives, or a snap taken in your home in lockdown, simply post your picture to @LoveHomeSwap on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, along with your destination of choice. And just like that, the travel-loving home-swapping gurus will Photoshop you there, making it look like you’re actually on holiday!

Love Home Swap members have properties in more than 100 countries all over the world, many with incredible views – perfect for a placeholder picture, while you plan for a real holiday in the future. 

Although a Photoshopped picture to a far-flung destination is no comparison to actually being there, the aim of this free service is to give people hope. Because even if we can’t explore the world at this moment in time, soon we’ll have the freedom to travel to these incredible locations!

Célia Pronto, Managing Director at Love Home Swap says: “Just because we remain grounded and unable to travel to countries which aren’t on the green list, it doesn’t mean we can’t picture ourselves in these amazing locations. We know it’s tough at the moment, but an image speaks a thousand words, so we’ve designed this free service to help Brits visualise the joy a holiday brings, even if we don’t have the freedom to visit red list destinations right now. We encourage people to use this photo as a placeholder until the real picture can be taken when travel fully opens up again – a photo from the future, if you will!”

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