62% of parents in Britain are more worried about their children’s health

Two thirds of parents more worried about their children’s health than ever before

After a tumultuous year for the nation, a whopping 62% of parents in Britain are more worried about their children’s health than ever before. New research has found that over half of parents often give up the struggle to get their little ones to eat healthier, leading to stress and tears before bedtime.  

The reasons for children not enjoying healthy foods will be all too familiar to parents. 44% of kids claim to have tried healthy foods and not liked them, with 32% claiming they are full and cannot eat anymore, and 22% even saying the food ‘looks weird’. Parents have plenty of other tricks up their sleeves to get their children to eat better - with 29% of parents admitting to promising their children treats like sweets and chocolate if they eat the healthy food on their plate. 

Parents will also try to get their kids to eat more healthy foods by blending fruit and vegetables into smoothies to make them less noticeable (28%) and even telling kids that eating healthy food gives them superpowers (29%). 

The research was conducted by personalised 3D printed vitamin company Nourished to mark the launch of Nourished Kids.  

The top 10 healthy foods most hated by kids is below, with Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, spinach and avocado coming out on top:  


Brussel Sprouts


















Sweet Potato


Despite being good for kids, many do not like taking vitamins, and it can turn into a regular morning battle.  

Nourished Kids have now launched in the UK – the world’s first 3D printed personalised vitamins tailored specifically to your little ones nutritional needs.  

The vitamins are created using answers provided in a quick online quiz. These take into account lifestyle factors such as screen time, diet and level of physical activity, as well as overall health. You can get the kids involved in answering our questions too, with some designed especially for youngsters.    

We know what goes into your kid’s bodies is incredibly important, which is why every stack is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and uses no artificial flavours or colours. There are three tasty flavours to choose from too – blackcurrant, orange or strawberry – as well as a sweet or sour sugar-free coating, depending on what tickles your child’s tastebuds.   

Each box contains 28 tasty gummies and is delivered direct to your door in a letterbox friendly package, with their name printed on each individually flow wrapped stack for that added layer of excitement.  

Melissa Snover, founder and CEO at Nourished, said: “The inspiration for our new Nourished Kids line comes from the little ones in my own life – my three wonderful step kids. They’re all so different and it really made it clear to me that just like adults, kids need unique and personalised nutrition too. Even more so in some regards, as children can be quite picky when it comes to what they put in their mouths and it can be really hard to ensure they are getting all of the nutrients they need from diet alone. I designed Nourished Kids with all of this in mind – I wanted to find a way to ensure youngsters are getting all the nutrients they need, in a fun, interactive format, that they’ll actually want to take every day!”  

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