Vitamin D recommended to be taken over the winter months

49% unaware of UK Government guidelines for vitamin D supplements

A survey commissioned by the British Nutrition Foundation in October 2021 revealed that almost half of British adults (49%) are not aware of the Government’s recommendation to consider taking vitamin D supplements during the autumn and winter months.

Vitamin D is essential for keeping our bones and muscles healthy, and also for supporting normal immunity. While we can get some...

Consider growing your avocado plant at home to ease the heavy carbon footprint they bear

National Avocado Day: How to celebrate the ultimate day for Millennials!

Avocados, the staple of every brunch and possibly the reason why millennials will never be able to afford a home?

Love it or hate it, this delicious fruit boasts high nutritional value all thanks to its high content of vitamins and minerals. And hey, if you don’t want to eat it, you can always use it as a face mask, like many A-list celebs do (looking at you Mrs Beckham).


62% of parents in Britain are more worried about their children’s health

Two thirds of parents more worried about their children’s health than ever before

After a tumultuous year for the nation, a whopping 62% of parents in Britain are more worried about their children’s health than ever before. New research has found that over half of parents often give up the struggle to get their little ones to eat healthier, leading to stress and tears before bedtime.

The reasons for children not enjoying healthy foods will be all too familiar to...

Healthy foods mushrooms help vitamin deficiency

One in four sun-deprived Brits in lockdown are vitamin D deficient

Nutritionist and author, Madeleine Shaw, explains how eating just eight vitamin D enriched mushrooms could help you hit your RDA following NEW NHS advice

With Brits in lock-down, spending fewer hours in the sun and with little prospect of foreign holidays, a health expert has warned that vitamin D levels are at risk of falling and believes mushrooms could be the superfood solution...

Beauty skincare routine

The alphabet of vitamins in skincare

Vitamins are good for us. A well-rounded diet helps us get all the vitamins we need to be healthy, but how about the ones you need for your skin?

Of course, you can eat certain things to boost skin health, but your routine should also involve a range of topically applied vitamins, to help your complexion be as clear and glowing as possible.

It seems like there’s a whole...