Consider growing your avocado plant at home to ease the heavy carbon footprint they bear

National Avocado Day: How to celebrate the ultimate day for Millennials!

Avocados, the staple of every brunch and possibly the reason why millennials will never be able to afford a home?

Love it or hate it, this delicious fruit boasts high nutritional value all thanks to its high content of vitamins and minerals. And hey, if you don’t want to eat it, you can always use it as a face mask, like many A-list celebs do (looking at you Mrs Beckham). 

But all that glitters is not gold… avocados are some of the least sustainable fruits out there, bearing the weight of a heavy carbon footprint. So to make sure you keep enjoying your favourite healthy fat and not negatively impact the earth, you might want to consider growing your avocado plant at home. Luckily will launch a growing kit soon, which will feature a handmade ceramic avocado starter (available in different finishes) and a handy, hand-drawn booklet to share all your hard-earned avocado growing knowledge. Just add a jar and an avocado pit and you're good to go. 

Now you are all set to watch your avocado plant grow beautifully. But for those who just can’t wait to eat some avo-goodness, here are the top 3 recipes that go way beyond the classic avo-toast.

Avocado Margarita

Avocado day is on the 31st July, so we can all be excused for wanting some deliciously refreshing drinks. And with the excuse that it is ‘good fat’ you can enjoy a refill without the guilt. It couldn’t be easier! 

All you need to do is blend ¾ of an avocado, tequila, triple sec, and crushed ice until it is your desired consistency. Add salt and lime around the side of the glass and enjoy!

Avocado Ice Cream

Same here, it’s hot outside, so let’s make some delicious, vegan, wonderfully creamy avocado ice cream. Here are the steps to follow: 

Get 2 ripe avocados, mint leaves and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix with coconut milk, honey and a ripe banana. Blend it all together and once you have a thick, green smoothie it is time to transfer to the freezer and wait (impatiently) 4 hours.

Avocado Pancakes

If you want a way to throw some avocado into your breakfast in a different way, then avocado pancakes are the way to go! With a super simple recipe, these pancakes are a fresh take on the humble avo!

Mash a banana and half an avocado together in a bowl until combined. Then add in 3 eggs and a few pinches of salt. Give this a good mix until smooth (you might want to get the whisk out if it’s taking a little while). Then fry in a pan for 2-3 minutes on each side! You can top this with something sweet like honey or blueberries.


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