Keep cool and carry on working from home in the summer heat

Beat the Heat: Five tips on how to stay cool when working from home

The UK recorded the hottest day of the year so far as temperatures exceeded 30C in across the nation and Google searches for fans in the UK since last week have increased by a whopping 669%!

As much as this weather is truly appreciated by Brits, a lot of us are still working from home without the joy of the office air-conditioning. To help, tech experts at have revealed some necessary precautions to help you keep cool and carry on working from home in the summer heat.

Top tips for staying cool when WFH and protecting your tech equipment from the heat!

1. H2O is the way to go

As the heatwave is set to continue it’s vital to remember to hydrate and keep cool. As tempting as it is to soak up the sun whilst working from home this temperature can quickly cause dehydration. Our body uses water to maintain its temperature so take regular breaks, work in the shade and drink lots of water.

2. Turn off tech

Whether you work from your home office, balcony or garden a surprising amount of heat is generated by electric devices. When not in use devices should be switched off to avoid a rise in the temperature at home. 

3. Keep your laptop cool

Direct sunlight is never good for electronics. Even in ordinary weather laptops tend to overheat causing performance issues or even crashes. As the device generates a lot of heat when being used under direct sunlight it could result to technical issues.

If you have to work under the sun opt for a laptop hood which will protect your device and allow you to read the laptop’s screen with ease. Another way to cool your laptop is to use a self-cooling laptop stand or even use a cheap pedestal fan.

4. Avoid opening the windows

Opening the windows is the first thing most do when it’s hot. But during a really warm day, this can backfire.

It is more preferable to open the windows if the air outside is cooler than the air inside, which is most likely to happen at night. At night temperatures fall considerably meaning that opening a window will allow cool air to circulate around the house.

5. Buy houseplants

Plants can alter the temperature of their atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis. Indoor houseplants like ficus and palms can offer a natural protection from the heat by blocking the sunrays and lower the room’s temperature. This is a natural inexpensive way to keep your house cool and it is a win-win situation as they also brighten any space!

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