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87 percent of working parents now regularly look after their children while still trying to do their day job

Increase in parenting and working from home at the same time, due to cost of living

Researchers polled home (and hybrid) working parents, and discovered as many as 87 percent now regularly look after their children while still trying to do their day job, with 85 percent even having to work in the same room as their kids.

Nine in ten (91 percent) of the parents, polled by Capital One UK say they find it stressful juggling work and parenting duties, with one in three...

A vast majority of the UK work force prefer a hybrid working model

These are the top hybrid working locations across the UK

Hybrid working gained momentum during the pandemic when the nation was forced to work from home. But even as offices reopened, and the world returned to business as usual, remote working has remained popular with both employers and employees. A vast majority of the UK work force prefer a hybrid working model despite government guidance was lifted in February 2022 and a staggering eight in 10...

Financial benefits are no longer the driving force to stay in their jobs

Expert’s take on boosting remote employees’ motivation

At-home workers gradually shift their priorities from financial gain to work-life balance. Therefore remote team leaders looking for ways to motivate teams should consider nurturing personal connections, implementing incentives like inspiration days or paid mental health hours, and investing time into finding what encourages employees best.

Despite 60% of remote workers preferring...

Top UK locations for remote working opportunities

The UK’s top 25 hiring hotspots for remote workers

A significant increase in remote and hybrid working roles is helping to drive new opportunities across the UK, according to data aggregated by recruitment platform Indeed in collaboration with Zoom .

Using its own recruitment data, Indeed has worked with Zoom to identify the locations across the country that have seen the most significant growth in remote and hybrid job opportunities...

Keep cool and carry on working from home in the summer heat

Beat the Heat: Five tips on how to stay cool when working from home

The UK recorded the hottest day of the year so far as temperatures exceeded 30C in across the nation and Google searches for fans in the UK since last week have increased by a whopping 669%!

As much as this weather is truly appreciated by Brits, a lot of us are still working from home without the joy of the office air-conditioning. To help, tech experts at have revealed...

1 in 2 Brits want to create more space at home

Five Space-Saving Ideas for Smaller Homes

Lockdown restrictions may be lifting, however many office workers are still continuing to work from home, with research revealing that 1 in 2 Brits want to create more space at home. With some Brits having worked from home since the pandemic began in March 2020, people are having to get creative in order to remain both comfortable and productive.

With this in mind, celebrity home...

More than half of UK office workers have now returned to the workplace

UK workers see work-life balance improve after heading back to the office

Research from Ezra , the leading provider of digital coaching, has revealed that more than half of UK office workers have now returned to the workplace on either a full or part-time basis, with many seeing some surprising benefits as a result.

The research commissioned by Ezra found that 30% of office workers have now returned full-time, up from just 17% in April. A further 24% have...

 A quarter of UK businesses are planning to close or downsize their office

Over 15 million empty chairs and desks create furniture furor

A game of musical (empty) chairs, or a landfill disaster? The move toward home working could cause a landfill influx of millions of chairs and desks as offices close or downsize following Covid-19, warns .

The business waste specialists are warning of a mountain of unwanted office furniture making its way to landfill as companies embrace a new way of working - and...

A mixture of FOMO and fear of job losses could result in a greater demand to return to an office

FOMO will drive a return to office working

Far more people will return to office working than expected because of a new work-related form of FOMO (fear of missing out) or FOBO (fear of being overlooked.)

That is according to the owner of one pan-UK training company who also fears that, in addition to this specific anxiety, remote working will also result in a jobs drain from the UK as companies recruit in countries with lower...

Google searches for ‘how to manage stress at work’ have been on the rise

Employees in This Industry Are Most Likely to be Stressed

Google searches for ‘how to manage stress at work’ rising by 40% in the past few weeks in the UK* set out to find which industry sector is most likely to be stressed due to two common factors that lead to stress: being underpaid and overworked. Here are the results:

Which industry is most likely to have stressed workers?

Education is the industry most...