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Upheaval from bustling offices to isolated homes has had significant effects on those working from home

Employee wellness lessons learnt in a year of working from home

23rd March 2021 marks one year since Boris Johnson announced the first Covid-19 lockdown in the UK and ordered people to stay at home. At the time, the Prime Minister said he was confident the country could turn the tide of coronavirus in 12 weeks, but after a year of lockdowns, bubbles and tiers, the UK’s workforces are still working from what were supposed to be temporary home offices....

A guide to adapting to work from home permanently

A guide to adapting to work from home permanently

Whilst it may have been driven by necessary to keep working through a pandemic, more and more companies are now choosing to allow their employees to work from home permanently. If you are one of the many who has realised the benefits of working from home and want to continue to do so, here is a look at how you can adapt to making this change permanent.

Get the right desktop computer...

UK office workers value their new norm of working from home

UK office workers would give up promotions, benefits and pay increases to work from home

Research from Ezra , one of the leading global providers of digital coaching, has found that UK office workers value their new norm of working from home so much that many would forsake career progression, company benefits and even a pay rise to maintain it.

Last week, oil giant BP announced it would introduce a hybrid working scheme once lockdown restrictions are eased, expecting...

Celebrating the end of home schooling sees many taking the Monday off work

Employers ‘inundated’ with requests for Back-to-School Monday off

Employers have reported a spike in last-minute annual leave requests for next Monday - and it seems exhausted parents are behind the increase.

The Government has announced that all schools will be fully reopened as of Monday (8th March), meaning many parents will be getting their first break from homeschooling in months - and some, it seems, are planning to celebrate in style,...

Avoid the risks of cyber attacks by exercising some basic cybersecurity measures

Avoid cyber attacks whilst working from home by taking these steps

Soon we'll mark a year since most of global office work moved to homes thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of cyberattacks and their victims shows vulnerabilities that hackers are exploiting during these uncertain times. “ Studies show that more than 60% of employees admit to using their personal computers for remote work,” says Oliver Noble, a...

Top tips to maintain your well-being whilst working from home

WFH tips to help maintain your wellbeing during December

Ezra , one of the leading global providers of digital coaching, has revealed some of their top tips on maintaining and maximising professional and personal wellbeing during December, as the latest tier restrictions keep many working from home with the additional stress of the looming Christmas period.

Working from home can be great but it can also blur the lines between personal and...

More of us are turning to loungewear

Six in Ten People Admit to Buying New Loungewear Last Month

Loungewear has been the proven stand out trend for 2020, with searches for the term up 162% YOY! Joggers, oversized sweaters, velour co-ords, fleece sweatshirts. These used to be the clothes we only changed into after work and wouldn’t dream of wearing to a meeting or on a date – BUT NOT ANYMORE. With 6 in 10 admitting to buying new loungewear in the last month alone , the UK’s leading...

Managers are much more positive about their staff working from home

Managers more positive about flexible working

Managers are much more positive about their staff working from home and working flexibly since lockdown says a new study undertaken jointly by the Equal Parenting Project at the University of Birmingham and the Work Autonomy, Flexibility and Work-Life Balance at the University of Kent.

The report titled ‘Managing Employees during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Flexible working and the future...

Employees are becoming increasingly emotionally remote

Boundaries between work and home life are becoming increasingly blurred

More than half (52%) of UK employees agree that the boundaries between their work and home life are becoming increasingly blurred, according to the latest research by Aviva.

Aviva’s new report - ‘ Embracing the Age of Ambiguity’ - explores the impact that ambiguity is having on key areas of working life, from wellbeing and work-life balance to employee-employer relationships....

Top tips working from home in the holidays

Top Tips Working From Home For The Holidays

The holiday season brings families together, but it also means added distractions for the many people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can remote workers keep their focus sharp and their productivity high while noise and interruptions surround them? And what can businesses do to ensure their employees aren’t slacking and projects are on track?