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Working from home has led to a rise in extra bins collections

People working from home are paying out extra for bin collections

As working from home becomes the new normal, homeowners are struggling to keep their bins in order. Which has led to a rise in extra home bins collections.

The latest ONS (Office of national statistics) data on home working reveals, of the 32.6 million in employment, around 8.7 million people said that they have worked from home.

Mark Hall from waste collections company...

Original Cottages has selected a few of their top work-spirational properties

Work from home from anywhere, with Boris's blessing

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement, many of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future, however it is now a very real possibility to work from home from just about anywhere in the country, provided you have good Wifi and space for a desk. For those yearning to swap their own four walls for a more inspiring outlook, there's never been a better time to make a...

Office workers making savings over lockdown

Office workers £500 a month better off working from home

Employees who have been lucky enough to keep their jobs and working from home during the pandemic have found themselves hundreds of pounds better off per month, simply because they’re not leaving the house.

With working from home the new normal for 49% of working adults in the UK, one UK company has found that there’s an unexpected financial benefit for ex-commuters who have swapped...

New way of working for millenials

Research reveals remote working has changed the millennial forever

Lockdown has changed the way millennials work, as new research from Trinity Business School reveals how the pandemic has created a new state of working that makes resumption challenging for organisations. Semi-structured interviews with a sample of millennials were used to explain how sensemaking tactics mediate the relationship between transactional distancing and work performance. “While...

Woman on computer video call

Seven reasons we are really sick of video calls now

When the coronavirus pandemic began and we were largely confined to our homes, digital interactions became essential for both work and socialising.

At first it was fun. Logging onto Zoom or Skype we got a glimpse into our coworkers’ homes, caught up with people we hadn’t spoken to in ages, and became obsessed with winning the weekly quiz.

Now, more than three months on, it’s...

Lady working from home

Four Steps for Successful Home Working

One of the biggest challenge’s homeworkers are facing day-to-day is achieving balance. However according to new research from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) there are proactive steps we can take to help us feel more in control of our time.

According to Dr Rebecca Hewett, Assistant Professor in the department of Organisation and Personnel Management: “If we...

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Two in three Brits say working from home has already put a strain on their relationship

At first, the prospect of working at home with your partner can seem exciting as you can spend more time together and sleep in for a few more minutes each morning.

However, after a few days of being in one another’s space all the time, your relationship dynamic may start getting a little tense. , a London-based public relations agency, conducted a survey of...

 Working together from home during coronavirus can be a challenge. Lifestyle. (istock/PA)

Things you only know when you work from home with your partner

As self-isolation and social distancing ramp up, most people are being asked to work from home, where they can, during the coronavirus outbreak.

And for a lot of us, that means our partners will also be at home – we suddenly have a new co-worker.

While we’re used to sharing everything from our bed to our dinner table and TV time with this person, sharing an office and...

Woman surfing internet at coffee shop

Seven problems you’ll face if you’re working from home for the first time because of coronavirus

There are several, palpable advantages to working from home.

You can stay in bed longer and tick a few household chores off your do-to list at lunchtime. You can dodge the delights of commuting, and the horrors of the pre-packed lunchtime sarnie. And, hopefully, you can avoid getting the coronavirus.

But with the perks come the pitfalls. These are the classic mistakes you’re...