How to make your garden perfect for entertaining

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Friday, October 1, 2021 - 21:54

If you are lucky enough to have a garden at your home, then it’s good to try to use it as much as possible – being outside in the fresh air is good for your physical and mental health, after all, and, perhaps most importantly, your garden is the ideal space for entertaining your friends and family.

Unfortunately, some gardens are just not made to be good entertaining spaces. However, that doesn’t mean yours never can be; there are just a few simple changes or additions to make, and you’ll soon have a back garden that is exactly where all your friends and family want to be. Read on to find out more.


Your garden is meant to be a private space, and to ensure that it is, you’re going to need some kind of barrier between you and your neighbours or people walking down the street. Most people will choose either wooden fencing or a brick wall for this job, but you could also have metal fencing, with materials sourced from Righton Blackburns, which would look lovely and different and still give you the privacy you need, especially if you grow plants along it.

When you have guests over, and they are in your garden, the fence will make them feel more at ease. Plus, if there are small children or animals who need to be kept in the garden itself, a fence will be a good security measure to ensure they don’t run off and get into trouble or are hurt.


One of the most important elements you’ll need when it comes to making the ideal outdoor entertainment space is a patio. This is where you can put your garden table and chairs, where a barbecue or pizza oven or fire pit can sit safely, and, because they are usually close to the house, people can move seamlessly from inside to outside and be comfortable.

When designing your patio you’ll need to think carefully about how big you want it to be. A large space is great if you have a lot of people you’ll want over for a party, but remember,  the larger the patio, the smaller your lawn or other garden areas. You might have to make compromises. As for style, many patios are simple paving slabs, but if you want something a little different, brickwork or mosaic outdoor tiles could be perfect.  


A patio is extremely useful, as we’ve said, but a patio only covers the ground, and if the weather is cold or it’s raining, you won’t be able to use it. Unless, of course, you add a gazebo to your garden. Essentially, a gazebo is a four-sided structure with a roof, and the sides can usually be removed if they’re not needed. They’ll give protection from bad weather, but they’re great for protection from the sun too.

When you have a gazebo on your patio or your lawn, you’ll be able to use the garden all year round (although some kind of heating might be needed when the cold weather sets in).

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