What impact is Heathrow PCR testing having on passenger safety?

Authored by Mary
Posted: Wednesday, October 6, 2021 - 23:02

Since the start of the pandemic back in 2020, airports across the UK have been rushing to ensure that some of the most stringent control measures are taken in order to ensure that passengers and travellers are protected from contracting the virus or falling ill within the airport.

One of the main ways through which this kind of action is being taken is the PCR testing at Heathrow. At Heathrow airport PCR testing is being implemented for all passengers travelling abroad subject to them booking their test prior to or on arrival at the airport. So far, this scheme has been highly successful and spread of the virus at the airport has been significantly reduced and isolated.

Wider effects and benefits of widespread Heathrow PCR testing

The Heathrow PCR test is one of the most popular tests for identifying any potential threat to health from coronavirus. A chest X-ray called a pneumogram may show evidence of potential damage, but the real threat could be much worse. The reason is that only about 10% of people who undergo a chest X-ray show any evidence of illness. Rapid PCR tests ensure that signs and symptoms of an active viral infection are quickly detected, allowing for rapid diagnosis and disease prevention.

PCR testing at Heathrow is carried out on an individual flying into the airport. The test is not an in-flight medical examination. It is carried out 24 hours after arrival, and it is possible to arrange a follow-up appointment the next day. The laboratory usually sends a report the next day or the following working day, this will either be sent electronically or by post.

How tests can be arranged

Two types of PCR testing is available at Heathrow: non-site-specific and site-specific. In a non-site-specific programme, samples are taken from the passenger and rapidly processed. The sample is sent through the mail to a UK-recognized laboratory.

Test centres are always fully equipped to carry out this service and have enough staff to deal with any situation arising due to passenger health issues. There are many benefits associated with this service. Some of the benefits offered by this unique service include:

  • Rapid testing for covid
  • Confidential and secure testing process
  • PCR tests handled and returned by experienced professional staff
  • Test results made available electronically or via physical copy
  • Affordable and cost effective

Ultimately, taking a PCR test prior to travelling abroad ensures that you are looking after your health and wellbeing as well as other passengers on the same journey. It’s worth researching different testing providers prior to your travel in order to get the best testing service and experience.

To find out more about Heathrow PCR test booking, you can contact any one of the centres across England online or by visiting them. All these testing centres are fully staffed and have experienced staff. You should remember to mention your name, contact number and any other relevant information when you enquire online or at the centre.



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