3 ways to encourage innovation within the medical sector

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Thursday, November 4, 2021 - 23:37

Innovation is prized within the healthcare sector. Not only does it help businesses to cut through the noise of a congested marketplace, but a truly innovative product or practice can both save and transform lives. Innovation is a commodity that’s in short supply, though, so here are a few tips to help you grow your business into the future.

#1 Focus on unmet needs

Unmet needs are the key to innovation. Similar to the so called “gap in the market” that all companies seek to fill, unmet needs vary from one patient group to another. They can be as simple as unwanted side effects from a specific medicine or more complex like gaps in the patient support system. Finding and meeting one of these needs is crucial and leads to genuine, long-lasting innovation within the sector.

Better still, work with medical experts like those at IDR Medical. They will be able to assist you with every aspect of the product development process, from initial conception through to market research and then product development. Their specialist researchers understand the market, where gaps lie and how to meet thus far unmet needs. Working with a company like this gives you more scope to innovate and push your company forward.

#2 Think of the future

If there’s one lesson that the pandemic taught us, it’s that planning is essential within healthcare. Although nobody knows what form the next global threat might take, companies operating within the medical sector should always have half an eye on the future. After all, investments in vaccine technology paid off as countries around the world rolled out immunisation programs, saving lives and restoring freedoms.

Of course, no company can predict the future, but it pays to keep an eye on all the latest research papers and trends within the sector. This usually gives a hint about what tomorrow might hold. The old adage of following the money is true here. If one area of medical research is receiving a lot of investment, there’s probably a good reason. Digging deeper will reveal the trends and areas set to shape the future market.

#3 Look for compounds pre-approval

Last but certainly not least, the most innovative healthcare companies operate in a market that’s at least partially speculative. By studying compounds and substrates not yet approved for use, these companies necessarily take risks. They spend money on research that might not come to fruition, studying compounds that might not even be approved for human use. Although the downsides of this approach are obvious, the upsides are equally stark.

This kind of research puts companies into pole position, well ahead of many of their arrivals. Operating within this “future” market involves more paperwork and the process of gaining approval can be longwinded, but it pays off. If you manage to formulate just one future treatment you’re likely to stand alone in the market with a wholly original product. This is a hugely rewarding area that can quite literally change lives.

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