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The six best house plants that will make your kitchen thrive

Marc Astley
Authored by Marc Astley
Posted: Thursday, November 25, 2021 - 10:41

Not only do plants add a splash of colour to your kitchen, they’re also well known to have great health benefits.

In the upcoming winter months and the inevitable spike in SAD (seasonal affective disorder) for many, it’s been found that houseplants can supress your sympathetic nervous system.

Meaning that, they both lower blood pressure and calm stress. Having a house plant can not only brighten up your kitchen but also your mood!

Wren Kitchens have collated a list of house plant choices, perfect for everyone’s aesthetic and horticultural knowledge (or lack of!).


1.    Aloe Vera

This striking soft green plant not only looks great on your windowsill but also has great anti-inflammatory properties. Not to mention skincare benefits! Pinch off a leaf and squeeze the gel substance on any burns you have, and it’ll soothe them whilst speeding up the healing process. Perfect for any oven accidents!

It’s a bright light lover, so place it by a window and make sure to let it dry out before watering. 


2.    Spider plant

This crazy leafed plant adds texture and can even be used as a feature piece in your kitchen. With the option to either be hanging or placed on top of cabinets, its versatility makes it a great choice.

They thrive in bright light but also survive in low light in many different temperatures, so they’ll be a great fit wherever you put them in your kitchen. 


3.    Venus fly trap

 These snappy little plants not only look great and don’t take up too much space, but they also trap flies. Perfect for getting rid of your kitchen critters! So, place them by the window or where flies congregate and let them work their magic.

These carnivorous plants prefer to be fed bottled or filtered water. 


4.    Herbs

What would a kitchen plant selection be without some herbs?! Offering both practicality and a lovely pop of greenery, these not only elevate your dishes but also your decor.

Do take note that some herbs are suited to lower light than others. If you have a bright kitchen, small pots of basil and rosemary would thrive. However, if your kitchen is on the darker side, parsley mint and chives would work great.


5.    String of pearls

Hanging plants are really on trend at the moment. They are perfect for bringing an extra dimension to your space. They can be placed on shelving in your kitchen and can even help to camouflage wires and plug sockets.

They’re also super easy to care for, making them great for beginners. They enjoy a bright area in your kitchen and only need to be watered when the soil dries out. 


6.    Peace lily  

This beauty does what its name suggests, by breaking down toxic gasses and purifying the air it brings peace to the home, making it a great addition for your kitchen. As well as this, its pretty too, meaning that it can be a great centre piece for your kitchen island or dining table. 

Peace lily’s prefer direct sunlight, when it starts to droop give it a drink if water and it’ll perk back up.


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