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The six best house plants that will make your kitchen thrive

Not only do plants add a splash of colour to your kitchen, they’re also well known to have great health benefits.

In the upcoming winter months and the inevitable spike in SAD (seasonal affective disorder) for many, it’s been found that houseplants can supress your sympathetic nervous system.

Meaning that, they both lower blood pressure and calm stress. Having a house plant...

Flowers and veg in pots

How to combine veg and flowers in pots for an eye-catching display

Throughout his life, plantsman Tom Harris has planted thousands of containers to enhance gardens nationwide and beyond. He’s perked up unpromising small spaces with both flowers and edibles, and says you can have a brilliantly colourful effect by combining both, as he demonstrates in his new book, Pots For All Seasons.

“People have different criteria when growing veg. I don’t...

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Which are the best antiviral herbs to grow at home?

Medicinal herbalist and grower Lucy Jones believes in the powers of antiviral herbs and how they can play a positive role in helping to maintain our wellbeing in lockdown and beyond.

“Herbal medicine has a very long track record in supporting the immune system and helping patients to recover from respiratory infections,” she says.

Jones, author of a new book Self-Sufficient...