Tips on what to do if your partner has spent more than you at Christmas

How to deal with a partner who spends more on you at Christmas

Claire Roberts
Authored by Claire Roberts
Posted: Monday, December 20, 2021 - 13:42

Christmas shopping for your other half can be very stressful - especially if you just know they're going to spend more on your present.

With this in mind, Nick Drewe, financial expert at WeThrift, has shared a few tips on what to do if you can’t match what your partner is going to get you for Christmas. 

1 Don’t feel guilty 

You must first of all remember that everyone’s financial situation is different. That said, don’t feel guilty about not spending as much as your other half on a Christmas present, as this will lead to resentment down the line. After all, you shouldn't be competing with each other in a healthy relationship.

2 Go down the sentimental route 

You may not have enough money to get them a nice watch or perfume, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your partner a present that is high in sentimental value. Something as cute as a scrapbook of all your favourite memories together will hold deeper meaning and value compared to a material object. Also, as you have not just thrown something into the checkout cart, chances are your partner will appreciate this thoughtful gift more. 

3 Set a price limit 

If you’re really against the idea of your partner spending more on you at Christmas, perhaps set a present price limit for the pair of you. Doing this will also help narrow down your options when it comes to deciding what to get. 

4 Address your concerns with them 

Whenever an issue arises in a relationship, the best thing to do is talk about it. In relation to Christmas present exchanges, it may be best to just tell your partner that you’re not comfortable with them spending more on you at Christmas. This will obviously make them more conscious when it comes to deciding what to get you. 

5 Avoid unhealthy comparisons on social media 

During the festive season, social media is awash with the latest products and couples treating each other to material things. This is just an example of why it’s so important not to compare your relationship with anyone else’s. It may be great that some couples are able to afford to go all out on their partner for Christmas, but this does not say anything about how happy their relationship is.

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