How you can keep your home toasty warm this winter

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Thursday, December 23, 2021 - 21:11

Winter is here, but have you prepared for the cold season. Once the nights get longer than the days and the indoors become unbearable without heating, you should be ready to pay more on heating expenses.

Luckily, there are a few tested ways to keep your home warm this winter without burning a hole in your wallet.

Let’s see some of the ways you can keep your home toasty warm this winter.

Service Your Heating System as Soon as Possible

For several months before winter, homeowners rarely switch on their heating systems, meaning they may not be aware of the system’s reliability when they need it most. For this reason, it is advisable to hire local heating professionals to give your heating system a check over before the start of the cold season.

Whether a boiler or a furnace, you can search online for excellent heating plumbers Lacey Plumbing. Since no one would wish to experience a boiler breakdown during the cold season, regular service is important as it can highlight potential problems and help you avoid nasty repair bills.

Strive to Keep Your Home Energy Efficient

We all know that a home that doesn’t retain heat can double or triple your energy bills during winter. So, if your home has a heat retention problem, you should troubleshoot the problem and have it solved before the start of the cold season. For example, if your home lacks insulation in your roof and wall, you should have it insulated to ensure that the hot air inside does not escape.

Though such makeovers are expensive, they will create significant savings on your overall energy bills.

In addition to insulation, you should ensure that your boiler is a-rated energy efficient. Modern boilers are at least 90% efficient, meaning they can reduce energy wastage and reduce your energy bills.

Use Rugs

Apart from aesthetics, having rugs on the floor during the cold season can help keep your feet toasty. Quality rugs and carpets will insulate your interiors against the outdoor coldness.

Since it might be costly to have a wall to wall carpet for every room, you can place rugs at critical points, like along the bedside, centre of your living room and the middle of your kitchen.

Seal the Windows

Our homes lose a lot of heat through the windows. One way of minimising this heat loss is to replace your single-paned glass windows with double and triple-paned glass. The double and triple-paned glasses will trap insulating air between the glass layers, keeping the hot air indoors. You should also avoid opening the windows to keep cold air from seeping in during winters.

Seal the Doors and Electrical Outlets

The front door in your apartments can also lead to heat loss due to the gaps below or above it. Electrical outlets are another suspect for heat loss. If you can feel cold air flowing through them, you should seal them with a sealer or stopper.

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