Suit up your shoes with trousers

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted: Friday, January 14, 2022 - 12:41

If a man's or women’s dress is judged from his shoes up, then the color of his shoes is the first to influence someone's opinion. 

And, like everything else in your wardrobe, striking color is both the easiest and most difficult aspect of getting ready in the morning. 

If you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed that your sneakers are no longer exclusively for the gym. Although they developed as lightweight 'ankle boots' for working-class holidaymakers and functional footwear for athletes, sneakers have evolved into a wardrobe staple for every man (and woman). 

Today, your sneakers may be a reflection of yourself, from lifestyle to the red carpet to sports. And presently we're going to show you how to put them on flawlessly.

1. Select footwear that matches your current wardrobe

How good is it to get the latest 'hit' style if it does not reflect your current wardrobe? Don't jump on the trend train simply because it's passing through. Choose shoes that match your existing clothing, rather than shoes that force you to replace your complete wardrobe.

2. Wear them to suitable events (but not too casually):

Sneakers and trainers are quite adaptable, but they are not a substitute for dress shoes. Choose Trainers in the sale to dress appropriately rather than overdressed. 

3. Clean them up

No matter how cool your sneakers are, the effect will be gone if they aren't spotless. Washing the laces, removing odors, brushing the outsoles, and utilizing shoe trees and sneaker shields are all part of proper sneaker maintenance.

The trendiest must-haves for any fashionista

The majority of us have spent the last year working from home in our pajamas. Luckily for all of us, the hottest footwear fashions of 2021 aren't all that unusual to what we've been wearing. This season's trendiest footwear is surely a must-have. 

Some of the top styles in women's footwear this year are listed below:

1. Big block heels and wedges

These are perhaps the most comfortable and easy-to-walk-in heels, and with a medium length, they are perfect fits to styles that are meant to raise and elongate our form. These go with everything, especially current stretched denim and pants, and come in colorful or neutral colors.

2. Massive, chunky footwear

Inspired by historical fashions, particularly those from the 1970s, they are being reinterpreted and dubbed 'futuristic' this year. They also have unisex raised combat boots, which are highly adaptable and a particular favorite. Without a pair of these, this year's streetwear trends would be incomplete!

3. Elevated basics

The 90s have returned, and so have the sandals inspired by them! Flatforms, a play on the word "platforms," have solid bases that are lifted evenly and are pleasant to walk in while also increasing our height and style factor. 

These are frequently designed in the style of conventional thong strap slippers, but heightened and chunkier!

Happy Feet with comfortable shoes

Sore ankles have to be one of the most typical concerns that most of us ignore on a daily basis, which is unfortunate given that these are issues that can have a negative impact on our overall health. Many of the things we do on a daily basis have an impact on our feet in some ways, from sedentary lifestyles to an office job, and even the exercises we choose, and it's past time we started treating foot concerns seriously.

Consider which features you'd most benefit from, even if you need extra arch support, i.e. orthoses. Most crucially, combine it with a foot gentle exfoliation you enjoy, but never ignore discomfort!


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